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FEC violation complaint filed against Bernie Sanders

January 22, 2020

  For a man who is supposedly so concerned about the integrity of our elections I find it interesting that Bernie Sanders is allegedly violating campaign finance laws by setting up a dark money group to fund his campaign.

  Here is more about the new allegations:

A dark money group founded by Sen. Bernie Sanders is violating federal campaign finance law, according to a Federal Election Commission complaint filed Wednesday.

The political nonprofit group Our Revolution, which Sanders founded in 2016, has been violating the federal “soft money” ban by boosting his presidential campaign since its launch in February 2019, the complaint from the watchdog group Common Cause states.

Campaign finance laws state that groups “directly or indirectly established” by federal officeholders such as Sanders can’t “solicit, receive, direct, transfer, or spend funds” for federal electoral activity that exceeds the limitations of the law, which in Our Revolution’s case would be $5,000 per election.

“Because Sanders set up Our Revolution and they have raised and spent money in candidate elections, Our Revolution is required to comply with contribution limits, register with the FEC and discloses its donors — but it hasn’t,” Common Cause attorney Paul S. Ryan told The Associated Press. “It’s his establishment of the group that triggers these laws. That means a $5,000 limit, full donor disclosure and no contributions from prohibited sources.”

“The facts surrounding Our Revolution, including its founding by Sen. Sanders, its receipt of six-figure contributions, its failure to disclose donors to the FEC, and its political spending in Iowa and elsewhere, point to a clear violation of the federal soft money ban,” Ryan added in a separate statement Wednesday.

   If I am not mistaken all of the Democratic candidates have vowed to fight against dark money and big donors in politics buying the election and yet once again, if this is true, we find a candidate not quite living up to his promises.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. peter3nj permalink
    January 22, 2020 8:40 pm

    We can be sure the FEC will have him in the stockade right after Mrs Bernie and Bernie daughter are hammering out license plate for their larcenous misdeeds. Yawn💤

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  2. January 22, 2020 8:43 pm

    Glad to see this come to life……his whole family has been raking it in… I understand the new book out…forgive me I forget the title.. by Sweitzer about family feeding at the troughs includes Bernie…. guns ho…

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  3. MaddMedic permalink
    January 22, 2020 10:25 pm

    For someone who has never done an honest days work…He has done well…Hmmmm…

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