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Justice Department admits two FISA warrants against Carter Page were not valid

January 23, 2020

  When the Inspector General report into the FISA abuses was released James Comey and others declared the report vindicated themselves and the agency despite the fact the report found dozens of mistakes which were committed. This was laughable on its face and then Michael Horowitz rebuked James Comey, claiming nobody was vindicated.

  Eventually James Comey had to admit he was wrong about the FISA process and then to top it off a judge on the always silent, secret, unconstitutional FISA court took the unusual step of rebuking the FBI.

  Now the Justice Department is admitting that two of the FISA warrants taken out to spy on Carter Page were not valid, here is more:

The Justice Department now believes it should have discontinued its secret surveillance of one-time Trump campaign adviser Carter Page far earlier than it did, according to a new court filing unsealed Thursday.

The Justice Department made that determination in a December letter to the secret court that oversees surveillance of suspected foreign spies, acknowledging it may have lacked probable cause to continue wiretapping in the last two of the four surveillance applications it sought against Mr. Page.

The last two applications were submitted in April and June of 2017. It now has concluded there was “insufficient predication to establish probable cause” in the last two renewals, which authorized about six months of surveillance on the former adviser.

Probable cause is the legal standard to obtain a secret warrant against suspected agents of a foreign power from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the secret judicial panel that approves such warrants.

  The question which begs to be asked is this, if the Justice Department did not have probably cause to continue spying on Carter Page how is it that the department was able to get the warrants? The only possible way I see is simple, unless the FISA court was in on it the Justice Department fabricated evidence and lied to the FISA court.

  And having said that we are led to one last obvious question, what is going to be done about the blatant abuse of power? (Isn’t one of the charges against Donald Trump in his impeachment trial abuse of power?)

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. January 24, 2020 4:46 pm

    Well we shall soon see if the GOP has any backbone when the FISA renewal comes up in March I believe… Just say no to the FISA court as it is today. No one seems to mention, as I have read from what I believe was reliable source, that Roberts in responsible for the FISA court and as such appointed all of the members… last I checked almost all were Obama judges… at least at the time of these applications. Why is he not held accountable? I guess untouchable.

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    • January 24, 2020 7:33 pm

      I think you mentioned Roberts was the one who got to appoint the FISA judges before and I forgot about it. The whole notion of this secret court is disturbing to me and the fact that the Chief Justice on the Supreme Court gets to populate this unconstitutional court is even more disturbing. I don’t see many Republicans taking a stand on this when it comes up for renewal.



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