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In 2017 email Hunter Biden called his business partner and Joe Biden ‘office mates’

December 12, 2020

Now that the mainstream media has finally decided it has to cover the Hunter Biden tax fraud, money-laundering, and influence peddling scandal and investigation if it wants to have any semblance of respectability and credibility left the natural spin has been that these scandals do not reach the President-Elect.

If you have been following this story on the blogs for any length of time you know how silly this assertion is, and it goes beyond just Joe Biden all the way to other prominent Democrats who were named in some of Hunter Biden’s emails as “key contacts.”

But back to Joe Biden, if he is as uninvolved as the media would like us to believe than somebody needs to explain that to Hunter Biden because in an email he called his father and his business partners “office mates.” Here is more:

Hunter Biden called his father, President-elect Joe Biden, and his Chinese business partner “office mates” in a Sept. 21, 2017, email to the general manager of his former Washington, D.C. office building.

“[P]lease have keys made available for new office mates,” Hunter Biden wrote in the email before listing Joe Biden, his stepmother Jill Biden, his uncle Jim Biden and Gongwen Dong, who he identified as the “emissary” for the chairman of the now-bankrupt Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC.

Hunter Biden also requested that a sign be made for his office stating “The Biden Foundation” and “Hudson West (CEFC US).”

Of course in order to be “office mates” it means you have to be working together so this implies that Joe Biden was indeed working with Hunter Biden’s business partners after all. And not only that but it is clear from the excerpts of the email that Hunter Biden was talking literally and not figuratively as he talks about keys, a sign for the door, and the lease.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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