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Judge halts Joe Biden’s ban on deportations indefinitely

February 24, 2021

Back in January a Federal Judge put a 14 day hold on Joe Biden’s Executive Order which halted the deportation of illegal immigrants, this hold was subsequently extended until February 23rd. With the hold about to expire the Texas Judge has now extended the hold indefinitely. Here is more:

A federal judge in Texas indefinitely blocked President Biden’s order banning most deportations for 100 days, dealing a blow to the administration’s efforts to turn back many of former President Donald Trump’s tightened immigration policies.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton earlier sued to block the ban, claiming it was “unconstitutional” and would cause substantial economic hardships on the Lone Star State to carry it out.

“In the instant case, the January 20 Memorandum and the corresponding administrative record fail to indicate the appropriateness and rationality of DHS’s ‘path’ in implementing a 100- day pause on removals. In other words, the Court, even with additional briefing and the administrative record at its disposal, still cannot discern how DHS’s stated concerns are logically connected with – let alone ‘determinative’ of – the action taken, the 100-day pause,” Tipton wrote in a 105-page ruling.

This is a setback for Joe Biden’s immigration policy but the good news for the President is the fact the media refuses to report on the fact he has increased the detention facilities so that he can put more migrant children in cages.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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