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California school board member claims school reopenings are white supremacist ideology

February 25, 2021

Most people would like to see life get back to normal after the overreaction to the COVID-19 pandemic and part of getting back to normal would be to reopen the schools. This seems like a reasonable idea to me and California is debating a plan to reopen its schools, but at least one person on the California school board thinks this reeks of white supremacist ideology and is having none of it. Here is more:

On Tuesday night, the La Mesa-Spring Valley School Board held a meeting to adopt a plan to reopen schools after almost a year of COVID-19-related closures. Most of the school board members and the superintendent debated reopening, but the board vice-president attacked the very idea of a reopening plan, comparing it to slavery and claiming that such a plan smacks of a “very white supremacist ideology.”

Really? How so? Well, the answer is a bit convoluted but here is more:

When a school board member mentioned that “70 to 80 percent” of families and students said “they would like to come back to school,” Bell-Fontenot asked, “Who are the 70 and 80 percent and where are they? … Which school sites, which language groups?”

“Without any teachers, we don’t have the ability to teach the students,” Bell-Fontenot argued, claiming that not every teacher would be able to get vaccinated by the reopening date.

“So how are we forcing people? That seems like a very white supremacist ideology to force people to comply with, and conform, without thinking about all of their intersecting factors and barriers that exist for all families,” Bell-Fontenot argued, referring to the idea that people from more than one historically-oppressed group (like black women, for instance) face “intersectional” difficulties.

“You’re thinking about one type of family when you’re speaking right now. Just letting you know. Privilege. Check it, you guys,” she said, unironically.

“Let’s stop forcing people to do things they don’t want to do. I don’t want to be a part of forcing anybody to do anything they don’t want to do. That’s what slavery is. I’m not going to be a part of it,” she declared.

And there you have it, some teachers do not want to go back to work and they should not have to. To force them to do what they are paid to do is white supremacy. It was a round about way to get there but this school board member did get there.

While most people just want to get their lives back and assume that everybody else does as well there is a group of people out there who have no intention of getting back to business as usual in this country. While this is but one example the Statists out there have no intention of giving up the control they have usurped over the last year. Once you give up your freedoms it is almost impossible to get them back.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. February 25, 2021 7:03 am

    Otherwise known as entering a period of anarchy.

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  2. nrringlee permalink
    February 25, 2021 9:17 am

    When science, reason and common sense fail the progressive argument the race card can effectively upend the card table and declare game over. When will people tire of this? Critical thinking is the antidote. Too bad we no longer teach it in the public monopoly assembly lines. Universal School Vouchers cure that malady.

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  3. February 25, 2021 10:42 am

    How twisted is that? She’s obviously painfully unaware that keeping slaves uneducated is how they controlled them. Most slave owners considered it a crime punishable by death to teach them to read and write. Whose side is she on anyway? I’m glad she spoke up, revealing her ignorance. To allow her to sit on any school board is absurd.

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    • February 25, 2021 10:54 am

      So we need to attend school board meetings to determine what they are teaching and then demand they realistically act and teach the truth or we will not pay our taxes… (wishful thinking) My response for the race card is “You can’t discriminate against whites, asians, hispanics, etc. If you/we are to have equality then we must be completely color blind…looking only at character.” And right now the “character” of the race card rhetoric is sickening.

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      • February 25, 2021 7:38 pm

        That’s right writegardener, all ethnic questions should be removed from applications and the best people should be the ones advancing regardless of color or gender. Yet somehow believing that somehow makes up the racists and misogynists’.

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      • February 26, 2021 10:17 am

        I am at the point of using the race card myself if need be. Our soft peddling has only contributed to embolden the rhetoric which has contributed to the insanity of today. Here’s a great example of a tenured Columbia professor who uses heroin and promotes it: I know this is before Sunday but I find this so over the top I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

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      • February 26, 2021 7:32 pm

        You’re right, they take advantage of the fact that they know we are going to back down. It is time to rise up and go after them! I think they have played the race card too much and it is ineffective now, that is why they have upped the rhetoric to white supremacy.
        As far as the heroin story goes, it is so unbelievable that I am at a loss for words. I have to wonder if the real push behind it would be to create more addicts that need government assistance.

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      • February 26, 2021 7:35 pm

        Yes, agreed…drug up the population so they don’t care what the government is doing…

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    • February 25, 2021 7:35 pm

      That is a great point sharonthompson2000! You would think she would know this and if she does than it means she wants to keep people in the dark for obvious reasons.


  4. February 25, 2021 10:47 am

    Quite frankly, I am sick of blacks using the race card to discriminate against whites. I am sick of them continually playing the victim mantra and making everyone else fall prey to their idiotic thinking. How convenient they forget that blacks sold blacks into slavery. Instead of showing any gratitude for the freedoms they have enjoyed in America (and benefits they’ve been given, that whites have not) they cast blame and unwarranted shame and too many have readily accepted this nonsense. I have never been prejudiced or discriminated against blacks but hearing their insane rhetoric of today does not give a favorable impression. For years they said they wanted equality yet their actions are completely contrary. Enough is enough. People had better stop shrinking back in fear, and speak up and out against this reverse discrimination and unraveling of America.

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  5. Skinnymulligan permalink
    February 25, 2021 7:53 pm

    It seem that blacks see whites as more intelligent and supreme beings, they always talk about supreme whites or white supremacy. They cant compete so they try name calling to feel better. Try to move up from the bottom, at least try.

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  6. Tom Lowe permalink
    February 26, 2021 3:09 pm

    I’m 63. This anti-White racism BS has been going on since I was at least 13, and longer. That was Affirmative Action, 1965, 55 years ago. 50 years or more of it now and I am tired of hearing it. For 50 years I’ve already had the ‘privilege’ of standing behind everyone in line for jobs, including women, foreigners and all of the oh-so-mediocre POC. And it continues on and on without end in sight. FOR ALL OF MY WORKING LIFE.

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  7. nrringlee permalink
    February 28, 2021 8:04 am

    I note that some are still committed to the idea that we can somehow ‘fix’ that which is fatally flawed at its core and inception. The Prussian Model of Public Monopoly Education is such an animal. Positivist and Progressive beyond that of any other public institution. Fatally flawed at its birth, reinforced by massive doses of state power (force and coercion) and mass quantities of (wasted) pubic money. If either of two symbiotic parties want to really reach families with policy that works the universal school voucher systems are that answer. I am open to hearing arguments. Right now the battlefield of ideas is dominated by the rent seekers and usurpers of public employee unions, text book publishers, and most of all the munchkins manning their battle stations in the perpetual Five Year Plan that is the bureaucracy of public monopoly education. Here is a proposition for you: if our society is all about “choice” in how to murder our offspring should we not also offer choice in how best to raise the survivors of that genocide? Choice equals public money dedicated to each child, following each child to the educational options best suited to that particular child without regard to race, creed, color, sex or station in life.

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    • March 1, 2021 5:49 am

      Murdering the unborn is the only issue the left seems to wants to let us have any choice in, other than that they want to do the thinking for us!


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