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Joe Biden to keep refugee cap at Trump levels

April 17, 2021

For four years the left claimed that Donald Trump’s decision to cap refugees at 15,000 was a racist, xenophobic policy and that there was not anything more un-American than stopping people from coming to America, especially those who are in danger. The left in general, and Joe Biden in particular, promised that the cap would be lifted when the Democrats won the Presidency.

But the promise to increase the refugee level did not stop after Joe Biden became President, in fact it was reported that he was set to raise the refugee cap to a total higher than it was under Barack Obama. However, something must have changed his mind along the way because it is now being reported that Joe Biden will keep the refugee level the same as it was under Donald Trump after all.

Another broken promise and needless to say some on the left are not happy. But even in their disappointment with this decision they are not stooping to the level of hyperbole and vitriol they used when Donald Trump was President. I do not hear the left calling Joe Biden a racist, a bigot, a nativist, or a xenophobe despite him carrying on the plans of a man who was called all of those things and more.

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  1. nrringlee permalink
    April 17, 2021 7:38 am

    Why settle for one standard when Progressive America can give you double standards?

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  1. Flip-flop…flip: Joe Biden will raise refugee cap to 62,500 after all | America's Watchtower

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