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A case of Voter Fraud in New Hampshire?

January 10, 2008

 The rumors of voter fraud are all over the internet. Predictably, Ron Paul supporters are behind much of it. The candidate whose base believes that 9/11 was an inside job will stop at nothing to prove their man was robbed. This is going to be the case with Ron Paul in every state. He will lose, and his supporters will say he got screwed. They sound like Democrats every time they lose an election.

 There are also rumors about people being bused in from other states to take advantage of the same day registration law in New Hampshire to fraudulently vote for Hillary Clinton. I think that same day registration should be disallowed, if a person doesn’t care enough to register before a set deadline, they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. That deadline should not be the day of the election.

 I don’t know if many of these voter fraud rumors are true, but I can relay one story that I was told. I don’t believe the rumors that are circulating, but I believe this story.

 I had just returned from voting and was getting ready to sit down to watch about 6 hours of primary coverage, if not more, when I received a call from a friend. He lives in the town directly to the south of my town. He said to me that he had a story I should write about. He told me I wouldn’t believe what happened to him when he went to vote.

 He walked up to the polling station and stated his name, he was checked off the list and handed a Democrat ballot. Nothing wrong with that, right? Wrong! He has been a registered Republican since 1969! He said to the person that handed him the ballot, “what is this?” to which she replied, “your ballot.” He told her that he was a Republican and she said she was sorry but he was listed as a Democrat, to which he replied, “I have never voted for a Democrat in my life!”

 He began to get heated and asked what he was supposed to do, people in line started to notice that something unusual was going on. He was told that he could go over to the registration table and unenroll as a Democrat and enroll as a Republican.

 In New Hampshire if you are Independent or undeclared you can vote in either the Republican or Democrat primary, you must declare and vote, you can then go to the registration table and undeclare. But, in a strange quirk, if you change parties from Republican to Democrat or visa versa on election day, you can not vote in the primary at all. So the option of switching back to the party he really belonged to was not an option.

 When he was told he could change parties he knew this wasn’t an option if he wanted to vote on election day, so in an even louder voice that drew even more attention to the situation he told the poll attendant that was not an option because he wanted to vote. The attendant told him there was nothing that could be done.

 Finally the chairman came over to him, and when informed of the situation, told him that his only option was to take the Democrat ballot and write in the Republican he wanted to vote for. Then he could go over to the registration table and register as a Republican. That is what he did. But on his way out the door he told everyone to be careful because there was something fishy going on.

 I ask you, was this a simple clerical error? Or was this a case of attempted voter fraud? How many people when told they were registered as a party member of the opposite party would not put up a stink and just think that it was themselves that were mistaken? If he had not made a fuss and questioned what was happening, he may have simply left and re-registered as a Republican without voting. Did others have this happen and just walk away?

 I suppose it is possible that there was a clerical error, but a man registered with the same party since 1969 goes to vote in 2008 and his party affiliation has changed? This man votes in every election and has never had a problem.

 I find it hard to believe this was a mistake. I know this post is based on here-say, but this person has no motivation to make this up. I ask you to think about the facts as I stated them and come to a conclusion.

 Voter fraud attempt of mistake?

 Was this an attempt to disenfranchise Republican voters or was it a simple mistake?

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  1. January 20, 2008 3:12 pm

    Speaking of 9/11 why won’t McCain read the report and Rudy too? You know nothing of thr Ron Paul “base.”


  2. January 20, 2008 3:13 pm

    Speaking of 9/11 why won’t McCain read the report and Rudy too? You know nothing of the Ron Paul “base.”


  3. January 21, 2008 5:38 am

    uh, yeah. I wasn’t speaking of 9/11. I wasn’t even writing about Ron Paul’s base, at least not in this post.


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