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The Republican establishment is attacking the IRS and the Tea Party at the same time

January 20, 2014

 I have written several posts about the IRS targeting scandal and I have written several posts about the Republican establishment, led by Karl Rove, attacking the Tea Party. The Republican establishment has been using the IRS targeting scandal to raise money for the party, while at the same time going after the Tea Party in order to protect the establishment. This is quite ironic considering the IRS was targeting the Tea Party and the Republican establishment is doing the same.

  Somehow while covering both of these stories I failed to make this connection, but luckily it has not been lost the national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots.

  Here is what she had to say:

Vowing that the movement will not be used again for cheap votes and donations by the GOP, Carender criticized the Republican establishment for “using the IRS scandal to raise money” while “they are attacking the Tea Party groups.” 

Carender said “using the fact that [the Tea Party was] attacked to raise money” while simultaneously having the “audacity” to themselves attack the Tea Party is “mind-blowing.”

She told Breitbart News Executive Chairman and host Stephen K. Bannon that before “we can defeat progressivism on the left, we have to defeat it on the right.”

  I cannot believe I did not make this connection sooner but Keli Carender is 100% right, the GOP is trying to play both sides of the fence here for their own personal gain and protection. In the end Barack Obama and the Republican establishment have a common enemy and that enemy is anyone who dares to challenge the Washington elite and the status quo.

  When you think about it this makes the Republican establishment worse than Barack Obama and the Democrats for at least the Democrats do not hide their disdain for the Tea Party while the Republican establishment pretends to agree with the movement while at the same time they are trying to destroy it.

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