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Donald Trump calls Ted Cruz a ‘nasty guy’

January 17, 2016

donald trump I think it is becoming fairly obvious that Donald Trump is getting just a little bit nervous about how well Ted Cruz is doing in Iowa and because of this he has upped the attacks on the Senator from Texas. Last week Donald Trump lashed out at Ted Cruz for saying he represented New York values.

  We all know, and so does Donald Trump, that Ted Cruz was referring to the liberal social values of many of the politicians who come out of Washington. And I think that Donald Trump’s previous comments about and donations to Hillary Clinton and other liberal Democrats before he decided to run for President leave many questions about how conservative Donald Trump really is. (I do not buy his excuse that he was simply doing business.) But Donald Trump, laughingly in my opinion, tried to tie Ted Cruz’s comment to September 11th, and has gone so far as to call his comment “insulting.”

“That was a very insulting statement that Ted made,”

  And earlier today Donald Trump called Ted Cruz a “nasty guy” and pointed out that nobody in the Congress like him. Here is more:

The fracas between the Republican presidential front-runners escalated Sunday as Donald Trump went after Ted Cruz’s likability, calling the Texas senator a “nasty guy.”

“Nobody likes him, nobody in Congress likes him, nobody likes him anywhere once they get to know him,” Trump said in an interview airing on ABC’s “This Week.”

  If Donald Trump is right and nobody in the Congress likes the Senator from Texas that is a plus in my book because it means he has not been going along to get along, and isn’t Donald Trump promising to do the same if he is elected President?

  But how disingenuous is it for the businessman to complain about another candidate being a “nasty guy” or being “insulting” when he has built his whole campaign on doing and being the same? This is the same man who resorts to name-calling if a person simply points out a poll in which he is not doing well, and this is the same man who mocked both Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul’s looks while on the campaign trail, if that is not nasty or insulting I do not know what is. 

 Rand Paul called Donald Trump out during one debate for his “sophomoric” “junior high” attacks and the Donald responded by again going after Rand Paul’s looks. Donald Trump has no problem with attacking others but he takes offense when others do it to him and in my opinion Donald Trump is nearly as thin-skinned as Barack Obama when it come to criticism and if he cannot take the heat maybe it is time to get out of the fire.

 malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. January 18, 2016 9:12 am

    It’s somewhat inevitable at this stage of the campaign, I believe.

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  2. petermc3 permalink
    January 18, 2016 12:07 pm

    I’m waiting for Bernard to call Hillary a nasty carpet munching Muslim loving pant suit wearing tub of shit and for Hillary to call Bernard a smelly old moth bitten suit wearing viagra slugging carpet bagging uncombed hair commie. Instead these two phonies swap spit at their debates. Oh well…

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  3. January 18, 2016 8:51 pm

    Takes one to know one? Mud stock prices UP!

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