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Tom DeLay claims the FBI is ‘ready to indict’ Hillary Clinton and will go public if charges are not pursued

January 26, 2016

 The disgraced former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay had some interesting comments to make about the FBI’s criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal today. He made the claim that the FBI is “ready to indict” Hillary Clinton and that if the Department of Injustice does not follow the recommendation some members of the FBI is “going public” with this during the campaign.

  Here is more:

The FBI is ready to indict Hillary Clinton and if its recommendation isn’t followed by the U.S. attorney general, the agency’s investigators plan to blow the whistle and go public with their findings, former U.S. House Majority leader Tom DeLay tells Newsmax TV.

“I have friends that are in the FBI and they tell me they’re ready to indict,” DeLay said Monday on “The Steve Malzberg Show.”

“They’re ready to recommend an indictment and they also say that if the attorney general does not indict, they’re going public.”

“One way or another either she’s going to be indicted and that process begins, or we try her in the public eye with her campaign. One way or another she’s going to have to face these charges.”

    The left is sure to claim that Tom DeLay is not a credible source–and honestly I do not know if he is–because he was convicted on corruption charges for violating election laws but of course they will forget his conviction was overturned and he was acquitted of the charges. His past has no bearing on Hillary Clinton’s future because if what he is saying is true and he does have friends in the FBI who are in the know this could pose a real problem for Hillary Clinton even if the Injustice Department does not pursue charges.

  Unless the rift between the Obama’s and the Clinton’s is as real as many of us believe it is it would seem highly unlikely that the rogue agency would indict Hillary Clinton, but even if they do not this story is not going to go away before the 2016 election and it could lead wavering Democratic voters to decide Bernie Sanders is a safer option.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

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  1. lou222 permalink
    January 26, 2016 9:01 pm

    As for De Lay, he will always be guilty, no matter that he was acquitted. I never believed the charges, but then again guess you have to look at who put it out there. He had to fight for a number of years to get it cleared.

    Now, let’s look at Clinton, we have solid evidence and still there are “doubts”…I am sensing a BIG difference…..oh ya, one is a Republican and the other a Democrat….now I get it!

    I will leave you with this and you tell me if things are always on the up and up in DC and if they ruin lives:

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    • January 26, 2016 9:11 pm

      Yep, the DOJ can be a powerful agency used and abused by those in office for political reasons. Stevens is a perfect example and so is DeLay. They never really had much on DeLay but eventually were able to get charges drawn against him. It took quite a bit of time but eventually they succeeded and the left will always use his indictment against him even after he was acquitted because there was really no evidence against him.


      • lou222 permalink
        January 26, 2016 9:19 pm

        Apparently they play ball differently in DC than any where else in the country….not a place I would want to work OR live.

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      • January 27, 2016 6:30 am

        Yeah, and when you think about the type of person who would actually want to work in that type of atmosphere I think it tells us quite a bit. They have to know what they are getting into when they run for office, don’t they? Maybe they are naive when they first get there but they adapt well…


      • lou222 permalink
        January 27, 2016 8:57 am

        Maybe Brit can chime in here and give us some insight as to the mindset of the ones out in DC. Something happens after they are there for awhile, would like to know what changes them.

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      • January 27, 2016 8:06 pm

        In my opinion they are either seduced by the power and the chance to enrich themselves or they are “persuaded” by the people already there. Probably both…

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  2. January 26, 2016 9:34 pm

    Tom really porked up. I wonder why all these old chess nuts are coming out of the woods.

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    • lou222 permalink
      January 27, 2016 3:43 am

      Maybe they just don’t like the way things are going….who knows why they do anything they do out in DC.

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    • January 27, 2016 6:31 am

      He probably still holds some type of grudge against the Clinton’s. That would be my guess.

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      • lou222 permalink
        January 27, 2016 8:58 am

        Well, at least that might work in our favor…”The Hammer” probably still has “got it”….bet they never lose the edge they had while serving in office.

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      • January 27, 2016 8:07 pm

        We can only hope so!


  3. Dr. Jeff permalink
    January 27, 2016 7:10 pm

    Hillary is beyond delusional. She thinks putting Obama on the Supreme Court is a great idea!

    How does that vicious old bat get away with this stuff?

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    • January 27, 2016 8:07 pm

      Just posted something about this. It makes me wonder if a deal has been struck between the two in the case the FBI recommends an indictment.


    • lou222 permalink
      January 27, 2016 9:06 pm

      Evil attracts Evil, Dr. J! You must not have gotten that memo, haha! We sure have a concentrated group of evil doers out there in DC right now, don’t we?

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      • January 27, 2016 9:14 pm

        Ain’t that the truth?!


  4. Dr. Jeff permalink
    January 27, 2016 8:52 pm

    With Hillary as the other choice, we’re likely to get stuck with Trump.

    The outrages of the last 10 years have hit the point where an extremist like Trump is pretty much guaranteed too win.

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    • January 27, 2016 9:03 pm

      I agree and this anger has led people to support Trump without fully looking at his past positions on issues.


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