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Donald Trump signs drug price transparency legislation aimed at lowering prices

October 10, 2018

  Believe it or not something amazing happened today, the Congress actually passed  two pieces of legislation and sent them to the President’s desk for his signature. This legislation is designed to lower the costs of prescription drugs and Donald Trump signed them into law today. Here is more:

 President Donald Trump signed two bills at the White House on Wednesday aimed at lowering pharmaceutical drug prices by promoting greater disclosure in drug pricing.

The two bills the president signed — the Know the Lowest Price Act and the Patients’ Right to Know Drug Prices Act — are meant to prevent “gag clauses” in agreements between pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers, the middlemen who administer prescription drug programs for insurance companies, which pharmacists say kept them from disclosing cheaper drug options to consumers.

“It’s way out of whack. It’s way too high,” Trump said of the current state of drug pricing at the signing. “You look at prices in our country and for the exact same drug in other countries, it’s much lower — made in the same plant by the same company — and I said, ‘What’s going on?'”

He added, “Now, they’ll be able to see pricing and they’ll be able to see where they should go and as they start leaving certain pharmacies, those pharmacies will be dropping their prices.”
  Here is what one pharmacist said about this news:
“It’s a big win for patients,” he told NBC News. “It’s a big win for patients in terms of allowing pharmacists to openly discuss medication prices to save patient money and health care costs.”
  Donald Trump has railed against drug prices in the past and promised to do something about it and if this legislation does what it is intended to do than Donald Trump has kept another promise to the American people.
  In related news: the Democrats, showing solidarity with big pharma, are now opposed to this vicious attack on free market capitalism and will do whatever they can to repeal this legislation if they take back the Congress. If Donald Trump is for it they must be against it, right?
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Hillary Clinton says civility cannot start until Democrats win the Congress

October 9, 2018

  In recent weeks we have seen the Democratic leaders ramp up the violent rhetoric to the point where the left is harassing Senators and Trump administration officials at restaurants, Democratic aides are doxxing Republican Senators who are now receiving death threats, and #KillKavanaugh is a thing. 

  If this keeps up it is only a matter of time until somebody is seriously hurt or worse. Hillary Clinton was asked about the lack of civility on the left and she basically said if you want us to be civil you have to vote for us. Here is what she said:

“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. “That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.”

  Instead of trying to defuse a situation I fear is growing dangerous she is condoning and encouraging it. Give us what we want and we will play nice. But here is a question using Hillary Clinton’s logic: if you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for doesn’t that give the Republicans the okay to be uncivil with the Democrats if the Democrats take back control of the Congress? Or is that different?

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Donald Trump meets with Rod Rosenstein, claims Democrats colluded with Russia

October 9, 2018

  You might remember just a couple of weeks ago or so the story plastered all over the mainstream media was that Donald Trump had set up a meeting with Rod Rosenstein and was going to fire him. But the mainstream media could not keep its story straight and there was a conflicting report that Rod Rosenstein had offered Donald Trump his resignation.

  Of course it turned out the reason the mainstream media could not keep its story straight is because it was fake news. There was a meeting scheduled between the President and the Deputy Attorney General however it was pre-scheduled and had nothing to do with Rod Rosenstein’s status with the FBI. 

  In fact the meeting was postponed and ended up taking place yesterday aboard Air Force One. Donald Trump left the meeting sounding positive and actually said it was the Democrats who colluded with Russia. Here is part of what he said:

“I think we’ll be treated very fairly. Everybody understands there was no collusion. There’s no Russia. It was all made up by the Democrats. They’re the ones that colluded with Russia. The Democrats colluded with Russia. And, frankly, the previous administration didn’t do anything about Russia when they knew that they should have,” he told reporters.

  It certainly sounds like the meeting went pretty good with Donald Trump saying he feels he will be treated “very fairly.” We do not know what was said at the meeting but it certainly looks like Donald Trump was either told not to worry by Rod Rosenstein or he at least took that away from the meeting.

  As far as the Democrats being the ones who colluded with the Russians; that much is obvious from what we have learned during the course of the investigation. Democrats might jump on that statement but they might want to tread lightly there.

  It is odd that we have heard nothing about this investigation in what seems like weeks, which makes me believe it is just about over and there are certain people–one of them not being Donald Trump–who are wishing right about now the Democrats did not create this phony narrative because they might be the ones the finger is being pointed at. That certainly would explain the media blackout and the sudden lack of leaks surrounding the investigation.

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Minnesota teacher on leave after ‘kill Kavanaugh’ tweet

October 8, 2018

  For some odd reason a Minnesota special education teacher, Samantha Ness, thought it would be a good idea to tweet about somebody killing Brett Kavanaugh. She wrote in her now deleted tweet, “So whose gonna take one for the team and kill Kavanaugh?” 

  She has now been put on administrative leave pending an investigation according to this story. I have to admit that I was one who was sitting back and enjoying the meltdown of the left right after the election. I found it entertaining to see them yelling at the sky and throwing temper tantrums but now I do not find it so funny any more because it is getting dangerous.

  And it is getting dangerous because people like Samantha Ness are getting their cue from Democratic leaders such as Maxine Waters, whose comments could be interpreted as calling for violence against Republicans and not just resistance. All it takes is one wacko to see a tweet like this and act on it. Just ask Steve Scalise how dangerous this can be.

  I still remember the heat Sarah Palin took for drawing targets over districts she thought Republicans had a chance of winning several years ago and how the media spun it into her calling for violence yet people like Maxine Waters gets a pass.

  I hope and pray that cooler heads will prevail before it is too late but nothing I have seen leads me to believe they will.

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Sunday, October 7th open thread: ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’

October 7, 2018

  Here is the open thread for Sunday, October 7th. Please feel free to post links to interesting articles and to discuss whatever issues arise during the course of the day. Nothing is off-topic here.

  Last week we discussed 8 stories, did you miss any of them? If so there is an easy way to make sure it does not happen again. You can subscribe to America’s Watchtower to receive email updates. You can also follow America’s Watchtower on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the links on the right. 

  Well, my “vacation” is almost over and after seven weeks of recovery I head back to work tomorrow. I still will not be allowed to lift more than twenty pounds for a month and then that restriction will be increased to fifty pounds for one month. It is actually going to feel good to get back into the swing of things and see some of the guys, although I think I could get used to this. 🙂

  Here is something a little different: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong performing “Dream a Little Dream of Me” from 1950, enjoy:

“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24 KJV)

Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court

October 6, 2018

  Unless you are living under a rock you have already heard that after a long, hard, dirty, and nasty battle Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court by a vote of 50-48. In an interesting turn of events Lisa Murkowski voted “present” instead of “no.” This did not really change the outcome but saved Steve Daines a trip to Washington to vote later tonight after the wedding of his daughter was over.

  I have reservations about Brett Kavanaugh, mostly with some things I have read about his support for the PATRIOT Act and privacy rights, but I do have to say it was good to see a person on the right stand up for himself against a line of attack the Democrats have used so successfully before. 

  We saw the Democrats use this same tactic against Herman Cain and most recently Roy Moore to great success. Both candidates dropped out of their respective races and then the accusers disappeared forever.  They thought they could do it one more time but apparently they underestimated the resolve of Brett Kavanaugh and now we are learning that, just like in those other cases, Christine Blasey Ford has announced she has to plans to push this any further. I wonder why…

  For weeks, if not months, we have been hearing about the “enthusiasm gap” between Democratic and Republican voters but in another interesting turn of events it would seem as if the Democratic attacks on Brett Kavanaugh have galvanized the right and might just be enough to motivate Republican voters to go to the polls, thereby erasing the gap. This is speculation on my part but we are only a month away from heading to the polls and I think it should be interesting to see how this develops.

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Brett Kavanaugh passes cloture vote

October 5, 2018

  By a tally of 51-49 Brett Kavanaugh passed the cloture vote earlier today setting up a final vote on his nomination tomorrow. One Democrat, Joe Manchin, voted in favor of cloture while one Republican, Lisa Murkowski, broke ranks and sided with the Democrats.

  If all the votes hold true Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed by the slimmest of margins tomorrow. However I will not believe it until I see it after the theatrics we have seen since this process began. There is still the chance Joe Manchin can change his mind and I simply do not trust Jeff Flake at all. In what would be his “Spartacus” moment he could show up to vote tomorrow channeling his best John McCain to give Brett Kavanaugh the thumbs down. 

  If one vote peals away Vice President Pence will cast the deciding vote, but if two do we get to start this whole process over again. Won’t that be fun…

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