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Whistleblower claims Barack Obama allowed 16 known MS-13 gang members to stay in the United States during the ‘unaccompanied alien children’ surge

May 24, 2017

  As you may recall there was a surge of “unaccompanied alien children” allowed to stay in the United States in 2014. A Department of Homeland Security whisleblower is now claiming that the Obama regime allowed 16 known MS-13 gang member to stay in the United States because they were part of this surge. (It should be noted these were illegal immigrants.)

  Here is more:

The Obama administration knowingly let in at least 16 admitted MS-13 gang members who arrived at the U.S. as illegal immigrant teenagers in 2014, a top senator said Wednesday, citing internal documents that showed the teens were shipped to juvenile homes throughout the country.

Sen. Ron Johnson, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, said a whistleblower turned over Customs and Border Protection documents from 2014 detailing the 16 persons who were caught crossing the border.

“CBP apprehended them, knew they were MS-13 gang members, and they processed and disbursed them into our communities,” Mr. Johnson, Wisconsin Republican, said.

The gang members were part of the surge of UAC, or “unaccompanied alien children,” as the government labels them, who overwhelmed the Obama administration in 2014, leaving Homeland Security struggling to staunch the flow from Central America.

Officials at the time said the children should be treated as refugees fleeing horrific conditions back home — though security analysts said the children were prime recruiting territory for gangs already in the U.S.

  But hey, what is the worst that can happen…

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatens Police Chief with ‘consequences’ if her computer being held as evidence in a hacking scandal is not returned

May 24, 2017

  This is a story which has received no coverage in the mainstream media whatsoever: shortly after the election three Muslim brothers who were working for the government in the IT department were suddenly fired and fled the country after they became aware they were suspected of illegally accessing records. (And no, this is not part of the Russia hacking scandal. This is yet another one.)  Here is a little back story from February:

Three brothers who managed office IT for government officials were relieved of their duties last week on suspicion that they accessed specific computer networks without permission, also known as hacking.

Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan were barred from computer networks at the House of Representatives Thursday.

They accessed computers unauthorized. They were getting foreign information. The three brothers were making $161,000, $165,000, and $160,000.
One of the brothers has a criminal background.

  As part of the investigation Debbie Wasserman Schulz’s laptop was taken as evidence. Needless to say, she is not happy and she wants her computer back. So much so that she made a veiled threat to the Capitol Police Chief which was caught on video. Here is said video, the relevant part starts at the 2:43 mark:

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s computer was not in her possession when it was taken, it was supposedly lost but more likely it was stolen. She claims that because she is not under investigation the computer should be returned to her but the police chief says there are extenuating circumstances, in other words it is possible there is evidence on the computer related to the three brothers who hacked into the system and shared the information on another server. It makes you wonder what she is afraid of…

  In addition to this there is another angle to this story: it has been reported that Congressional members might be being blackmailed as a result of this breach. Bunkerville wrote a great article about this angle here which everybody should check out.

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CNN analyst suggests the Manchester terrorist attack was a right wing false flag to frame Muslims extremists

May 23, 2017

  During its coverage of the terrorist attack in Manchester last night CNN analyst Paul Cruickshank suggested this attack was conducted by right wingers as a false flag to frame Muslim extremists.

  Here is more:

CNN Terror Analyst Paul Cruickshank was reporting live on Anderson Cooper’s “AC360” on Monday night as the Manchester Bombing’s details were unfolding, and during his report noted that the right has been trying to frame Islamists for acts of terrorism.

Cruickshank suggested that though there was evidence of a suicide bomber — confirmed by authorities later that night, and named by law enforcement as 22-year-old Salman Abedi on Tuesday — it couldn’t be confirmed because of purported right-wing plots to sabotage Islamists.

“It must also be noted that in recent months in Europe, there’s been a number of false flag plots where right wing have been trying to blame Islamists for terrorism,” Cruickshank noted and added that “we have seen that in Germany in recent weeks.”

  Yeah, because there have been so many examples in the past of right wingers willing to blow themselves up in an attempt to frame Muslim extremists…

  Although this takes it to a whole new level this is nothing new coming from the mainstream media and the left: after all, the mainstream media speculated that because the Boston Marathon bombing happened on April 15th it could have been right wing tax protesters, and after the foiled Times Square bombing the left speculated that this could have been attempted by somebody who was upset with Obamacare.

  Even as politically correct Great Britain has become the authorities in were treating this as a terrorist attack from the very beginning but that did not stop CNN from promoting fake news to serve its agenda.

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MSNBC cuts away from Manchester attack to bring ‘shocking’ news about Russia collusion scandal

May 23, 2017

  All the talk on the news last night, and rightfully so, was about the terrorist attack by ISIS in Manchester, England where teenage girls were targeted by a suicide bomber in which 22 people were killed.

  It goes without saying that this was a horrible display of just how depraved ISIS is and to what lengths they will go to spread their ideology across the globe, human life means nothing to them.

  This was the top story for all the networks except for one, MSNBC: Chris Matthews on Hardball last night mentioned the terrorist attack in passing while video footage played showing people leaving the arena yelling and screaming before cutting away to the network’s big story of the day. Calling it “shocking” news that the Washington Post was reporting that Donald Trump reached out to two intelligence officials to publicly deny any collusion between the campaign and Russia he left the coverage of the terrorist attack. He left real news for fake news, apparently ISIS targeting teenage girls was not shocking enough…

  Here is the video; the first 32 seconds are relevant, after that the video cuts away to hyperbole but I do not think that takes away from what happened on MSNBC and it was the only video of this that I was able to come up with so I decided to use it.

You have to have priorities I guess…

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Michael Flynn invokes his Fifth amendment right, will not comply with Congressional subpoena

May 22, 2017

  It is now being reported that Michael Flynn–it should be remembered here that Donald Trump fired Michael Flynn when he found out he lied to Mike Pence about his connections to foreign governments–will not comply with a subpoena for his records.

  Here is more:

Michael Flynn informed the Senate Intelligence Committee Monday that he will not comply with the committee’s subpoena for a list of his communications with Russian officials ahead of last year’s presidential election.

The Senate Intelligence panel is investigating Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, and other Trump campaign aides as part of its larger probe of Russia’s meddling in November’s election. Flynn had previously signaled he was not cooperating with the committee’s May 10 request for documents.

Flynn’s lawyer, Robert Kelner, asserted in a letter Monday that his client has a Fifth Amendment right not to produce the documents, as doing so would amount to a “testimonial act.”

The letter noted Flynn previously told the committee he would testify only if he got “assurances against unfair prosecution” and that his demand for immunity is unchanged.

  Here is a statement from his lawyer:

“The context in which the committee has called for General Flynn’s testimonial production of documents makes clear that he has more than a reasonable apprehension that any testimony he provides could be used against him,”

  The fact that he believes his testimony can be used against him and is still seeking immunity in exchange for his testimony suggests that Michael Flynn did something wrong and while I will always support a person’s Constitutionally guaranteed rights it does appear as if he is hiding something. Donald Trump should never have named a life-long Democrat to his cabinet in the first place…

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

Kim Dotcom claims DNC hacking was an inside job, and he was involved

May 22, 2017

  Last week it was reported that a Private Investigator who was hired by the family of murdered Democratic National Committee insider Seth Rich to get to the bottom of the non-burglary burglary had determined that Seth Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks. It had long been speculated in some circles that Seth Rich might have been the person who was leaking DNC emails, and that speculation was fueled by WikiLeaks admission it was an inside job. 

  The family of Seth Rich quickly condemned the story, possibly embarrassed by their son’s involvement in the crime, and the story was muddied by Fox News’s fake story that the FBI was in possession of thousands of emails between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks.

  However, over the weekend Kim Dotcom tweeted out that he knew Seth Rich was the leaker because he helped him. Here is the Tweet:

Read more…

Sunday, May 21 open thread: ‘Show Me How to Live’

May 21, 2017

  open-threadHere is the open thread for Sunday, May 21st Please feel free to post links to interesting articles and to discuss whatever issues arise during the course of the day. Nothing is off-topic here.

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  A couple of days ago the rock world lost a pioneering voice in the grunge movement from the early 1990’s when Chris Cornell decided to end his life after a show in Detroit. He was just 52 years old. Chris Cornell’s four octave voice could alternate between melodic and powerful and he will be missed in the rock world. The last song he ever sung was a cover of Zeppelin’s “In My Time of Dying” and I cannot help but think this was not an accident.

  It is always sad when somebody comes to the conclusion that there is nothing in this life worth living for but it might be even more tragic when it is somebody who seems to have everything in this life that a person could ask for and still decides it is not enough. He, like so many others, was missing something in his life.

  I have chosen to share AudioSlave performing “Show Me How to Live” as my tribute to Chris Cornell because I think you will see in these lyrics that he knew what he was missing, I  only wish he could have found it:

Nail in my hand
From my creator
You gave me life
Now show me how to live

 And here is a bonus video which shows his other side, Ave Maria:

frui diem