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Hillary Clinton won’t face deposition in Judicial Watch email investigation

August 20, 2016

  Judicial Watch has done some great work investigating Hillary Clinton and her still-lingering email scandal. The watchdog group had already interviewed three of the former Secretary of State’s top aides–Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and the and the man responsible for setting up and maintaining her personal server, Bryan Pagliano–and had its eyes set on a deposition of Hillary Clinton herself.

  However that deposition is not to be because a Federal Judge has ruled Hillary Clinton does not have to testify in person to Judicial Watch, here is more:

A federal judge has rejected a request to force Hillary Clinton to submit to a sworn deposition in a suit related to her private email server, ruling instead that she must respond in writing to questions about the issue.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan said the conservative group Judicial Watch had not demonstrated that an in-person deposition of Clinton was necessary to attempt to clarify whether the former secretary of state set up the system in order to avoid complying with the Freedom of Information Act.

  Here is part of the ruling:

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Flashback: Barack Obama slams George Bush for ignoring Louisiana flooding after Hurricane Katrina

August 18, 2016

 When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans back in 2005 George Bush was on vacation and both the left and the media (but I repeat myself) had a field day with a President they claimed was out of touch and uncaring. Then Senator Barack Obama was no stranger when it came to blasting George Bush for vacationing while the people of New Orleans were suffering through an unbelievable natural disaster.

  Here is what he said:

  Yet as parts of Louisiana are underwater today Barack Obama has been absent because he is on vacation. I believe today he played his ninth round of golf while parts of Louisiana are suffering through the same devastation as did New Orleans in 2005, yet he gets a free pass in the media because it does not fit the narrative.

  At least George Bush saw the devastation from an airplane as he flew overhead. Barack Obama has only seen the devastation form the television, if he has seen it at all, and yet the Democrats and the mainstream media remain silent. And by the way, why are not the Republicans calling him out on his hypocrisy?

 malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

The Clinton Foundation will stop taking foreign and corporate donations if Hillary Clinton is elected President

August 18, 2016

  According to this story The Clinton Foundation will stop taking foreign and corporate donations if Hillary Clinton is elected President, here is more:

Hillary Clinton’s family foundation will no longer accept foreign and corporate donations if she is elected president, and will bring an end to its annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting regardless of the outcome of the November election.

Former President Bill Clinton made the announcement at an afternoon meeting with foundation staff members, according to the Associated Press; CBS News confirmed the news Thursday evening.

  In other words it will not be as simple for Hillary Clinton to run a pay to play scheme as President as it was for her to do so as Secretary of State, especially since she most likely will have to use a government email server instead of her own private server so get your donations in now and help her get elected and your reward will come later…

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

Why is the Louisiana flooding being ignored this time around?

August 17, 2016

 We all remember the pummeling the Bush regime received by the Democrats and the mainstream media over Hurricane Katrina in 2005 for the President’s alleged lack of action. He was absent we were told, he did not care about black people we were told, and it went on and on for weeks. It was relentless…

  Today portions of Louisiana are just as affected by flooding as was New Orleans back in 2005, here is more:

Five days into this disaster, adrenaline is giving way to exhaustion and — for many of those who left their homes amid rising water — a constant, churning anxiety about the future.

Thousands are still holed up in shelters or at friends’ houses on high ground, relying on Facebook videos and word-of-mouth for an answer to the question on everyone’s tongues: How bad is the damage?

“We still don’t know the state of our house,” said Justin Sylvest, 21, who lives with his girlfriend and their 11-month-old in Denham Springs, a town east of Baton Rouge that was among the hardest hit.

The three of them had been staying since Sunday at an emergency shelter on the vast grounds of the Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, southeast of Baton Rouge. Sylvest said the shelter had provided everything his family needed, starting with formula for the baby and clean clothes.

But a shelter’s still a shelter, a gymnasium lined with cots with no personal space or guaranteed quiet — all the more difficult for a young father who isn’t sure whether his family has a place to live or a way to pay the bills. He said he hadn’t slept much.

“I don’t even know when I’ll be able to go to work,” Sylvest said, taking a drag on a cigarette. “It’s going to be a lot getting back to normal.”

After two feet of rain began falling Thursday night, water rose quickly in Baton Rouge and then migrated east and south, leaving a vast swath of damage. At least 40,000 homes have been damaged, according to Gov. John Bel Edwards (D). The death toll has risen to 13.

Roads remain flooded and closed, while schools, businesses and government offices have been shut down for days. The country has not seen a natural disaster this bad since 2012, when Hurricane Sandy pummeled the East Coast, according to the American Red Cross.

“The current flooding in Louisiana is the worst natural disaster to strike the United States since Superstorm Sandy,”

  Yet this flooding is not receiving nearly the attention in the mainstream media as did the flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, or the attention Superstorm Sandy garnered for that matter, and it is receiving no attention whatsoever from the Democrats even as Barack Obama plays golf on Martha’s Vineyard. There are no cries about an absentee President in the midst of a crisis.

  Why is that?

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Tim Kaine pathetically tries to defend Hillary Clinton’s email lies

August 17, 2016

   The House Oversight Committee has laid out the case for perjury charges against Hillary Clinton for lying to the Congress when she testified on her email scandal in front of the Congress. Here is a video which juxtaposes what Hillary Clinton testified in front of the Congress with what the FBI investigation found:

  Earlier today Tim Kaine was put in the awkward position of trying to defend Hillary Clinton’s email lies, here is more:

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Oversight Committee video: ‘Were Hillary Clinton’s statements false?’

August 16, 2016

  Yesterday two top Republicans laid out perjury charges against Hillary Clinton and referred the case to the top prosecutor in Washington DC.

  Today the House Oversight Committee has released a new video which juxtaposes Hillary Clinton’s testimony under oath with the FBI’s findings in that agency’s investigation into the former Secretary of State’s email scandal and I think it is quite damning. 

  Here is the video:

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New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan dodges question on if she believes Hillary Clinton is trustworthy and honest

August 16, 2016

  My Democratic Governor, Maggie Hassan, has decided to run for the Senate against Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte rather than run for reelection as Governor. It goes without saying that she is an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton.

  Recently she was asked about the former Secretary of State’s trustworthiness and honesty. She was given three opportunities to state she believes Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy and three times she dodged the question. Here is the transcript of the exchange:

Asked in an interview aired Tuesday on CNN whether Clinton is “honest and trustworthy,” Hassan first replied, “I support Hillary Clinton for the presidency because her experience and record demonstrate she’s qualified to hold the job.”

Pressed on whether she sees the former secretary of state as honest, the governor, facing a tough Senate race against incumbent Republican Kelly Ayotte, commented on Clinton’s “critical, critical plan among others for making college more affordable.”

“But do you think she’s trustworthy?” CNN’s Manu Raju inquired, to which Hassan responded, “I think that she has demonstrated a commitment always to something beyond herself, bigger than herself.”

  Much to my chagrin I cannot directly post the video here but if you are so-inclined you can watch the video by following the link I provided above.

  This was a simple yes or no question and yet Governor Hassan refused to answer the question and I think that speaks volumes about the former Secretary of State’s trustworthiness and honesty, even one of her biggest supporters in not willing to go on record on this issue…

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium


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