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Sunday, June 3rd open thread: ‘Human Fly’

June 3, 2018

  Hi all, I am going to dispense with the normal formalities of the open thread this week just to let everybody know that later on today I am flying out to Philadelphia for work. I will be out there all week and will be flying home on Friday so I am not sure how much blogging–if any–I will be doing. As always, I will try to find time to blog but it will most likely be hit or miss.

  Here is The Cramps performing “Human Fly” live in 1998:

frui diem


Investigators ‘seriously considering’ charges against Andrew McCabe

June 1, 2018

  Back in March, on the recommendation of the FBI, Jeff Sessions fired Andrew McCabe days before he was set to retire. Roughly one month later the Inspector General recommended opening a criminal investigation into the allegations that Andrew McCabe lied under oath three times.

  The investigation is now underway and according to this story the investigators are “seriously considering” charging Andrew McCabe, here is more:

Investigators from the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s Office recently interviewed former FBI director James B. Comey as part of a probe into whether his deputy, Andrew McCabe, broke the law by lying to federal agents — an indication the office is seriously considering whether McCabe should be charged with a crime, a person familiar with the matter said.

Lying to federal investigators can carry a five-year prison sentence, though McCabe disputes that he intentionally misled anyone. Comey’s interview, while significant, does not indicate prosecutors have reached any conclusions, and people familiar with the process said it is not surprising given the allegations McCabe faces.

  I am not expecting anything to come from this, but somebody has to be the fall guy so who knows.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

Donald Trump signs ‘right to try’ bill into law

May 30, 2018

  Earlier today Donald Trump signed the “right to try” bill into law. This legislation will allow terminally ill patients to seek experimental treatment which has not been fully approved by the FDA. Here is more:

President Trump signed a bill Wednesday allowing terminally ill patients access to experimental medical treatments not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Dubbed “right to try,” the law’s passage was a major priority of Trump and Vice President Pence, as well as congressional Republicans.

“Thousands of terminally ill Americans will finally have hope, and the fighting chance, and I think it’s going to better than a chance, that they will be cured, they will be helped, and be able to be with their families for a long time, or maybe just for a longer time,” Trump said at a bill signing ceremony at the White House, surrounded by terminally ill patients and their families.

  While two Democrats co-sponsored the bill most Democrats are opposed to the legislation, claiming it could put patients in danger:

“FDA oversight of access to experimental treatments exists for a reason — it protects patients from potential snake oil salesmen or from experimental treatments that might do more harm than good,” said Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-N.J.), ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.  

  Did I mention these were terminally ill patients? What greater danger can they possibly be in if they are given at least a chance of survival using treatments which most likely will someday be approved anyway?

  And it is not like this is an anything goes situation; the new law, as can be read here, will allow terminally ill patients to try treatments which have already passed “Phase 1” of the FDA’s approval process but are still in clinical trials.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

Charles Grassley accuses Fusion GPS founder of lying to the Congress

May 30, 2018

  Last August Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee and now at least one part of his testimony is coming under fire by Charles Grassley.

  In question is Glenn Simpson’s claim that he did no work on the ‘Trump matter” after the election:

During the hearing, Simpson was asked, “So you didn’t do any work on the Trump matter after the election date; that was the end of your work?”

“I had no client after the election,” Simpson replied.

  However his testimony was contradicted by Daniel Jones, who claimed his research group employed Fusion GPS after the election to continue working on the “Trump matter.”

Daniel Jones, who runs a consulting firm called Penn Quarter Group, told the FBI up to 10 “wealthy donors from California and New York” funneled $50 million into opposition research projects

“Mr. Jones stated that he was leading a research and investigatory advisory organization called the Penn Quarter Group, which ‘had secured the services Steele, his associate [redacted], and Fusion GPS to continue exposing Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election,’” Grassley wrote to his Senate Judiciary Committee colleague Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE).

Here is what Charles Grassley had to say:

“As we now know, that was extremely misleading, if not an outright lie,” the Republican wrote to his fellow Judiciary Committee member, Delaware Sen. Chris Coons.

“Contrary to Mr. Simpson’s denial in the staff interview, according to the FBI and others, Fusion actually did continue Trump dossier work for a new client after the election,” Grassley said.

  I only have two questions: First; why did it take almost a year for this to come out? That seems a little excessive. And second; what are we going to do about it? Charles Grassley reminded Glenn Simpson that this was criminal so once again we are left looking at Jeff Sessions and waiting for him to take action.

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North Korean official heads to New York for talks about nuclear summit

May 29, 2018

  Ever since Donald Trump called Kim Jong Un’s bluff a couple of weeks ago and “cancelled” the nuclear summit with North Korea things have been steadily progressing and it appears as if we are on schedule for the June meeting after all.

  And now we have reached the point where, according to this story, a top North Korean official is on his way to New York to discuss the upcoming summit. Here is more:

President Donald Trump confirmed Tuesday that a top North Korean official is headed to New York for talks on an upcoming summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, as diplomatic efforts also accelerated in Asia.

Trump said in a tweet that Kim Yong Chol was traveling to New York as part of ongoing meetings between the two countries to arrange the on-again, off-again summit on the future of North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

    Things appear to be progressing nicely here and it looks like Nancy Pelosi might have overestimated the “giggle-fit” Kim Jong Un had after Donald Trump cancelled the meeting because it only took him a few hours to run back to the table. I still remember how giddy Democrats were when it looked like the talks were going to fall apart, they actually were rooting for Kim Jong Un over Donald Trump, and it sickens me.

  I still will not believe it until I see it but I am hopeful something good might come from this situation before all is said and done.

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Leftists use Obama-era photo to hammer Donald Trump on immigration

May 28, 2018

  Yesterday there was a picture making the rounds on Twitter which showed two immigrant children being held in cages by ICE. This was naturally used to attack Donald Trump’s immigration policy. Here are some of the tweets:

 That is just a few of them, the picture was retweeted tens of thousands of times before somebody noticed that the article the picture came from was from 2014–when Barack Obama was President–and then most of these people who claimed to be so saddened by the picture when they thought it was an indictment of Donald Trump deleted their tweets when they realized this happened under Barack Obama. So much for the outrage…

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Memorial Day

May 28, 2018

2008 Memorial Day Poster #2