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Fusion GPS founder met with Russian lawyer before and after her meeting with Donald Trump Jr.

November 7, 2017

  The whole Fusion GPS/Russian dossier/collusion investigation is getting cloudier by the day. Back in July we learned that during the campaign Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner  met with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton. According to Donald Trump Jr. the lawyer did not have any dirt on Hillary Clinton and was only interested in talking about Russian adoption so he ended the meeting–which he called a dirty trick.

 We now know that the Fusion GPS Russian dossier was funded by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but now the story has taken another turn.

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Secret Service arrests man who traveled to the White House to ‘kill all white police’

November 6, 2017

  The Democratic strategy for the 2018 election and beyond is becoming quite evident: stir up the troops by calling all Trump supporters racists, white nationalists, and Nazis in order to drive them to the polls in disgust. It is interesting to note here that the “snowflakes” (a term I do not use) gave themselves this nickname because they said people cannot be lumped together because we are all different–just as are snowflakes–and yet here they are doing the same, but I digress…

  But this strategy is dangerous because it has angered some on the left into violence. We saw it first when Steve Scalice and others were shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter at a charity baseball game practice. This led to a threat on other Republican Congressmen.

  Over the weekend Rand Paul was attacked at his home while he was mowing his lawn by a leftist for political reasons and he suffered five broken ribs. Thankfully it was not worse because it could have been.

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BuzzFeed subpoenas the Democratic National Committee for documents related to the Russian dossier

November 6, 2017

  BuzzFeed was the original the original “news” outlet which published the mostly debunked Russian dossier which is at the heart of the investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Because of this BuzzFeed is being sued for libel.

  In recent weeks it has come to light that the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign (recently it has been alleged that for all intents and purposes these two entities were one and the same) were behind the funding of the Russian dossier.

  In the wake of this news, and possibly because of this news, BuzzFeed has issued a subpoena to the Democratic National Committee for documents related to the Russian dossier because they believe the document was being peddled by higher-ups in Washington. Here is more:

BuzzFeed has subpoenaed the Democratic National Committee for information related to the Democratic hack — its latest salvo in the media company’s efforts to defend itself against an ongoing libel suit connected to its publication of the infamous Steele dossier. The subpoena, a copy of which was reviewed by Foreign Policy, was served on the DNC Friday.

“One prong of our strategy is to prove that the dossier was being acted on and circulated by officials at the highest levels of government; but we would be remiss if we didn’t use every tool to determine the truth of what actually happened — and whether, as the dossier claims, Mr. Gubarev’s servers were behind the DNC hack,” Matt Mittenthal, a spokesperson for BuzzFeed News, told FP.

  Maybe, just maybe, the tables are beginning to turn. The Democratic National Committee could not be reached for comment…

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Dianne Feinstein admits she has still not seen any evidence of Russian collusion

November 5, 2017

  The investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign has been going on for roughly one year. Paul Manafort and two others have been arrested as a result of this investigation and today NBC reported that Robert Mueller has enough evidence to bring charges against Michael Flynn.

  Much like the charges against the others it appears as if Michael Flynn could be charged with possible money laundering and lying to Federal agents. Nothing related to colluding with the Russians to change the outcome of the election.

  Today Dianne Feinstein appeared on CNN and she was asked about Russian collusion and had to admit that to date she has still not seen any evidence, here is the video:

      The Democrats are going to revel in the news of another possible indictment in the Russian collusion investigation, and this should be expected, but after one year of investigating this case it is looking more and more likely that no evidence will be brought forth in relation to the original intent of the investigation–unless one of these people can be flipped.

  During the campaign Trump supporters assured us that Donald Trump’s lack of experience in government was nothing to worry about because he would surround himself with smart people who would be able to offset his inexperience. While to date none of these arrests points to any conclusion I think it is fair to call the President’s judgement into question. It is pretty clear he did not properly vet any of these people.

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Sunday, November 5th open thread: ‘Terrible Lie’

November 5, 2017

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  Here is a mud covered Nine Inch Nails performing “Terrible Lie” live from Woodstock in 1994.

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The FBI starts handing over documents related to the Hillary Clinton investigation

November 4, 2017

  At the end of August the Senate Judiciary Committee released transcripts which appeared to show that James Comey had decided to exonerate Hillary Clinton months before actually interviewing her and other key witnesses in the email investigation.

According to new transcripts released by the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday afternoon, former FBI Director James Comey made the decision not to refer then Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for prosecution long before ever interviewing key witnesses. Members of the Committee allege Comey made the decision months before FBI agents were finished with the criminal investigation into her mishandling of classified information during her time as Secretary of State. 

“According to the unredacted portions of the transcripts, it appears that in April or early May of 2016, Mr. Comey had already decided he would issue a statement exonerating Secretary Clinton.  That was long before FBI agents finished their work. 

   The Senate Judiciary Committee has been seeking more documents from the FBI in regards to this revelation and the Injustice Department has just informed the Committee the FBI has begun to comply with this request. Here is more:

The FBI has begun turning over to Senate investigators hundreds of pages of memos regarding the bureau’s probe into Hillary Clinton‘s private email server, sources told The Hill.

The sources said the Justice Department notified the Senate Judiciary Committee late Friday and the FBI began transmitting memos soon after to assist Congress in its review of former Director James Comey’s handling of the Clinton email case. 

The memos detail how and when the bureau’s leadership declined to pursue criminal charges against Clinton for transmitting classified information on her private email server as secretary of State, an investigation that has remained controversial since the 2016 presidential campaigns.

The Senate committee has been seeking the memos for some time as it investigates whether Comey chose to absolve Clinton of criminal liability before the election-year probe was complete and before she was even interviewed. Comey ultimately concluded that while Clinton’s handling of classified emails was careless, there was not enough evidence of intent to warrant criminal charges.

The FBI could not be reached for comment…

  The fix was in, even liberals who are being honest with themselves know this but they just do not care. I am not hopeful anything will come from this but as long as Hillary Clinton is running around the country on her book tour, blaming everyone else for her loss (ironically even James Comey) I think we need to remind the American people just how corrupt  the system is which tried to foist her on the American people. And that includes the FBI…

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Elizabeth Warren admits the Democratic Primary was rigged

November 2, 2017

  Thinking people have realized for quite some time the Democratic primary was rigged for Hillary Clinton because of the use of party insiders as Super-delegates.  Most Bernie Sanders supporters probably did not realize this at first but as the Vermont Senator won primary victories in several states only to lose the delegate count in those states it soon became obvious to them as well.

  Once Hillary Clinton “won” the nomination many of them decided to stay home because they understood the party did not care about their voice and to this day I still believe if the Democratic primary was not rigged Bernie Sanders would be President, but that is just conjecture on my part.

  But even though many of us knew the Democratic primary was rigged we did not understand exactly how rigged it really was. It was not until Politico reported yesterday that one year before “winning” the nomination Hillary Clinton basically took over the Democratic National Committee and for all intents and purposes ran the daily operations of the entire party. 

  Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was asked about this new revelation and she admitted the Democratic primary was rigged and something need to be done about it, here is what she said: 

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