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CNN fact checks Sean Spicer’s joke about Russian salad dressing

March 29, 2017

  During a press briefing yesterday Sean Spicer made a joke about how if the conspiracy theorists on the left found out Donald Trump used Russian salad dressing they would claim this was more proof of a Trump/Russia connection.

  This was an obvious joke but CNN felt the need to fact check Russian salad dressing and here is what “the most trusted name in news” came up with:

“If the President puts Russian salad dressing on his salad tonight, somehow that’s a Russia connection,” Sean Spicer said.

Thing is, Russian dressing isn’t Russian. (Also, it’s really not for salads, but more of a sandwich spread — usually a Reuben.)

The mayo and ketchup concoction — often dressed up with horseradish and spices — was created in Nashua, New Hampshire.

  Yep, Russian dressing is neither Russian nor a dressing, you certainly put Sean Spicer in his place CNN. This is what constitutes journalism in America with Donald Trump as President. Good job CNN, thanks for enlightening us on this issue of such vital importance.

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Former Obama official admits push to get intelligence on Donald Trump before his inauguration

March 29, 2017

 In an interview conducted at the beginning of March which apparently went unnoticed but is now beginning to make the rounds on the internet a former Obama official, Evelyn Farkas, admitted she insisted upon the importancy to gather intelligence on Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia before Barack Obama left office.

  Here is more:

A former top Obama administration official has acknowledged efforts by her colleagues to gather intelligence on Trump team ties to Russia before Donald Trump took office and to conceal the sources of that intelligence from the incoming administration.

Evelyn Farkas, deputy assistant secretary of defense under Obama, made the disclosure March 2 while on the air with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski.

  This is what she had to say:

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Chuck Schumer verbally assaults woman at a restaurant for voting for Donald Trump

March 28, 2017

  It is no secret that Donald Trump has gotten under the skin of Chuck Schumer, so much so in fact that it is now being reported here that the Democratic Senator from New York and Minority Leader verbally assaulted a woman in a restaurant after learning she had the audacity to vote for Donald Trump.

  Here is more:

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., caused a scene at a Manhattan restaurant when he began yelling at a wealthy and well-connected Donald Trump supporter that the POTUS is “a liar.”

Schumer, the top Senate Democrat, lost his cool on Sunday night at Upper East Side restaurant Sette Mezzo, according to witnesses.

He was dining with friends when he encountered Joseph A. Califano Jr. — the former U.S. secretary of health, education and welfare under President Jimmy Carter and domestic policy adviser to President Lyndon B. Johnson — and his wife, Hilary, who were having a quiet dinner.

Onlookers said Schumer was incensed that Hilary — the daughter of William S. Paley, the founder and chairman of CBS — had voted for Trump, even though her husband, Joseph, is a well-known Democrat.

And he followed her outside after he drove them out of the restaurant:

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New DNC Chairman Tom Perez asks for the resignation of all staffers

March 28, 2017

 It is just breaking that DNC Chairman Tom Perez has asked for the resignation of all staffers in a major overhaul. Here is more:

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has launched a major overhaul of the party’s organization, which has been stung by recent crises — and the DNC has requested resignation letters from all current staffers.

Party staff routinely see major turnover with a new boss and they had been alerted to expect such a move. However, the mass resignation letters will give Perez a chance to completely remake the DNC’s headquarters from scratch. Staffing had already reached unusual lows following a round of post-election layoffs in December.

  I have to say this is much needed after the DNC rigged the primary to screw over Bernie Sanders and his supporters to secure the party’s nomination for Hillary Clinton. This has slipped from the minds of the public because of the fake news Russia hacking story and intentionally so.

  The whole reason the Democrats have been pushing the Russia story with no evidence is to take the focus off what was in the hacked emails and it has worked perfectly. Those who supported Bernie Sanders and who were still upset at the DNC suddenly turned their attention to Russia as if that country had anything to do with what the party was up to behind the scenes. Displaced anger.

  Donald Trump and the Republicans could learn a thing or two from this news: it is time to purge all of the holdovers from the Obama regime that can be legally purged and start anew. Then and only then will the leaks stop. Maybe…

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Donald Trump lifts Barack Obama’s climate policies

March 28, 2017

  Before I get to the post I just want to let America’s Watchtower followers know that Lauri and I are home safely from our trip to Key West. What a beautiful location and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I am still trying to brush off the vacation hangover so it might take a day or two for me to get back into full-blog mode but here goes.

  Earlier today Donald Trump signed an Executive Order to dismantle much of Barack Obama’s climate policy. Here is more:

President Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an order to undo Obama-era climate change regulations, keeping a campaign promise to support the coal industry and calling into question U.S. support for an international deal to fight global warming.

The order’s main target is former President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which required states to slash carbon emissions from power plants – a key factor in the United States’ ability to meet its commitments under a climate change accord reached by nearly 200 countries in Paris in 2015.

Trump’s decree also reverses a ban on coal leasing on federal lands, undoes rules to curb methane emissions from oil and gas production and reduces the weight of climate change and carbon emissions in policy and infrastructure permitting decisions

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Steve Bannon tried to bully the Freedom Caucus into backing Obamacare replacement bill

March 26, 2017

  In the days leading up to the Obamacare replacement non-vote it became quite clear that the conservatives–namely the Freedom Caucus–were not happy and wanted changes. Eventually they were able to get a couple of small concessions but not nearly enough to win any of them over.

    It became pretty clear that Paul Ryan and the establishment Republicans were not going to budge and if this story is true it turns out Steve Bannon basically dared the conservatives to vote against this bill–basically trying to bully them into voting in favor of a piece of legislation they did not agree with. Here is more:

White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon told a group of House conservatives they had no choice but to back the GOP’s ObamaCare repeal bill days before the bill was pulled, according to a new report.

Bannon confronted members of the House Freedom Caucus earlier this week during the White House’s push for the American Health Care Act, Axios’s Mike Allen reported Saturday in his newsletter.

“Guys, look. This is not a discussion. This is not a debate. You have no choice but to vote for this bill,” Bannon reportedly said.

  But of course this is the Congress and debate is what the Congress does, they did have a choice and they exercised it and Steve Bannon’s attempt at bulling the Freedom Caucus backfired. Perhaps Donald Trump and Steve Bannon can learn a valuable lesson from all of this with the realization that they are going to have to work with the conservatives in the Congress if they want to get anything done. They cannot just dictate what they want and expect to get it.

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Obamacare replacement bill pulled from the floor

March 25, 2017

  For the second time in two days the establishment Republicans’ Obamacare replacement bill was pulled from the floor with out a vote, it now appears as if this will be off the table for quite some time if it comes back at all.

  It is interesting that after almost 8 years and 60+ votes held and passed to repeal Obamacare that when the Republicans actually had a chance to do so they failed. The Republicans passed dozens of full repeal bills when they knew there was no chance of them passing yet when they had the chance to actually repeal Obamacare they did not offer a full repeal bill and it failed. Why is this? 

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