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NBC accuses Republicans of working with Russia to release House Intelligence memo

January 19, 2018

  In the last couple of days we have learned of a House Intelligence Committee memo written by chairman Devin Nunes which allegedly shows abuse of the FISA court by Barack Obama, the FBI, and the Department of Justice during the 2016 election.

  While conservative websites and blogs have been all over this story the mainstream media has been silent. However with momentum seemingly growing to release this memo it would seem the mainstream media will not be able to ignore it forever so the spin is already beginning as they look to get ahead of this story.

  Here is more:

This is how a media smear works. House Republicans view a secret memo on the Obama administration’s spying on the Trump campaign, express outrage at what they learned and demand the memo be released to the American people so they can see what their government was doing.

A left wing site, Hamilton68, that tracks alleged, but unnamed, “Russia-linked influence networks on Twitter” announces those alleged networks are promoting the Release the Memo hashtag.

Then NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian trumpets the unsubstantiated findings of the left wing group with a false statement accusing House Republicans of working with Russian propagandists, “Russian propagandists and House Republicans have joined together to embrace #releasethememo.

  A left wing website releases an unsubstantiated claim and then NBC runs with it as truth (sounds eerily like the way the Russian dossier story went down) in an effort to discredit the memo before anyone learns (including NBC) what is in it.

  It is pretty clear what NBC’s intent is here, but it is ironic that while the so-called news outlet will bash conservative sites for running with this story it was CNN which ran with an substantiated  report on the Russian dossier by left-leaning BuzzFeed and NBC is doing it again with this story. 

  The mainstream media is being exposed and hopefully soon so will Barack Obama, the FBI, and the Department of Injustice.

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Two Republican Representatives call for making intelligence memo on the Russia investigation public

January 18, 2018

  Earlier today the House Intelligence Committee voted to make a memo related to FISA abuses available to the entire House of Representatives and then Ron DeSantis called to make this available to the public as well.

  Here is more:

DeSantis said the classified report compiled by the House Intelligence Committee is “deeply troubling” and raises serious questions as it relates to the ‘Russian collusion’ investigation.

Rep. DeSantis then called for the highly top secret report to be made public because “the American people deserve to know the truth”.

DeSantis tweeted, “The classified report compiled by House Intelligence is deeply troubling and raises serious questions about the upper echelon of the Obama DOJ and Comey FBI as it relates to the so-called collusion investigation.”

DeSantis then said, “While the report is classified as Top Secret, I believe the select committee should, pursuant to House rules, vote to make the report publicly available as soon as possible. This is a matter of national significance and the American people deserve the truth.”

  He was not alone in calling for the memo to be made public; Matt Gaetz said the contents of this memo “go to the very foundations of our democracy” and called for its release to the public.

“The allegations contained in this important intelligence document go to the very foundations of our democracy, and they require an immediate release to the public in my opinion,” Gaetz said. “Unfortunately, I can not talk about the specific facts contained within this memo. I can only share my observation — that if the American people knew what was happening if they saw the contents of this memo, a lot would become clear about the information that I’ve been talking about the last several months. And so, I am calling on our leadership to hold a vote on the floor of the House to make public the key contents of this intelligence memo regarding the FBI, the Department of Justice and President Trump.”

  What these men should have done was release this memo to the public on their own just as Dianne Feinstein did with Glenn Simpson’s testimony. Surely Democrats who have been praising Dianne Feinstein for her courage in releasing the testimony would not suddenly change their position if either man did the same, right…

  But on a serious and non sarcastic note, I have said for awhile Democrats may rue the day they pushed the false Trump/Russia collusion scandal and just maybe now the dominoes will begin to fall. Dianne Feinstein’s decision backfired on the Democrats when we began to see what is in the testimony and now, hopefully, the floodgates will open.

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Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson’s testimony calls into question the motive behind the Russian dossier

January 17, 2018

  Some interesting information is starting to come out from the transcript of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson’s testimony which was leaked by Dianne Feinstein last week. First we learned that Glenn Simpson testified that they had a source close to Donald Trump who corroborated some of the information in the Russian dossier, but once the testimony was leaked Fusion GPS walked back the claim, saying Glenn Simpson “misrepresented” the facts. In other words, there was no source close to Donald Trump.

  Now we are learning from this story that Glenn Simpson basically admitted that he might have let his bias cloud his thinking. Here is more:

In testimony released publicly last week, Glenn R. Simpson, the co-founder of the controversial opposition research firm Fusion GPS conceded that he opposed Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy and that his negative opinions of the politician may have “entered” into his “thinking.”

Here is part of the testimony in question:

I think it’s safe to say that, you know, at some point probably early in 2016 I had reached a conclusion about Donald Trump as a businessman and his character and I was opposed to Donald Trump.  I’m not going to pretend that that wouldn’t have entered into my thinking.

You know, again, I was a journalist my whole life.  So we were, you know, trained not to take sides and practiced in not taking sides.  So most of what I do as a research person is we try to avoid getting into situations where one’s etiology or political views would cloud your work because it’s a known hazard, but, you know, I reached an opinion about Donald Trump and his suitability to be president of the United States and I was concerned about whether he was the best person for the job.

  So this sounds like he is saying as a journalist he was trained not to take sides and he admits while doing research he tries not to let a person’s political views cloud his work but in this case he might not have lived up to that expectation.

  That statement in and of itself is not damning, however when his bias is combined with the portion of his testimony which led to this statement in the first place it is quite damning indeed:

 “Another thing we say about our work is it’s custom information, it’s a customized product.  You tell us what your problem is and we customize a research solution.”

  If you pay Fusion GPS to help you with a problem the firm will provide you with a solution, and as the Russian dossier has shown us it does not necessarily have to be true. Fusion GPS will give you what you want for a price. If you can get the “solution” you want for a price it certainly seems as if Fusion GPS is just a gun for hire.

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Did Robert Mueller and Andrew McCabe hide bribery probe before the Uranium One deal was approved?

January 15, 2018

  You might have missed it but over the weekend it was reported that the first indictment was handed down over the Uranium One deal. If you missed it here is a little information:

Friday’s 11-count indictment of former uranium transportation company executive, Mark Lambert, was the latest in a series of DOJ prosecutions involving individuals linked to the Russian nuclear industry and the Uranium One deal. 

According to the indictment, Lambert and others at Transport Logistics International (TLI) engaged in several counts of bribery, kickbacks and money laundering with Russian nuclear official Vadim Mikerin, in order to secure business advantages with TENEX – a subsidiary of Rosatom, the Kremlin’s state-owned energy company which bought Uranium One.

  However, according to the same article there were actually four convictions related to the Uranium One deal which went unreported:

Four individuals were eventually prosecuted and given plea agreements after the Uranium One deal was approved. The prosecuting DOJ attorneys? Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and top Mueller investigator in the Trump-Russia probe, Andrew Weissman – who praised former acting Attorney General Sally Yates for defying Trump.

Unsurprisingly, all four indicted individuals were handed extremely light sentences, none of which made headlines. 

  These four individuals were given plea deals after the Uranium One deal was approved but they were being investigated by the FBI before the deal was approved and according to the article the investigation into these individuals was hidden from Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States to ensure the deal was approved.

In fact, Robert Mueller’s FBI had been investigating the scheme since at least 2008 – with retiring Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe assigned to the ongoing investigation which was hidden from the Committee on Foreign Investments in the Untid States (CFIUS). Had they known, the committee never would have approved the Uranium One deal with TENEX’s parent company, Rosatom. 

  If this is true this is a blockbuster revelation! But why would the FBI hide this information, could we be getting closer to Hillary Clinton? The judge who handed down the light sentences was a Barack Obama appointee and served as an adviser to Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State…

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Fusion GPS walks back claim that they had a source in the Trump camp

January 14, 2018

  When Dianne Feinstein leaked the transcript of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson’s testimony to the Congress the big news which came out was that the reason Fusion GPS took the dossier so seriously is because it was corroborated by somebody in Donald Trump’s circle.

Mr. Simpson testified, “Essentially what he told me was they had other intelligence about this matter from an internal Trump campaign source and that — that they — my understanding was that they believed Chris at this point — that they believed Chris’s information might be credible because they had other intelligence that indicated the same thing and one of those pieces of intelligence was a human source from inside the Trump organization.”

This is a claim he reiterated in an op-ed piece he wrote for the New York Times:

“As we told the Senate Judiciary Committee in August, our sources said the dossier was taken so seriously because it corroborated reports the bureau had received from other sources, including one inside the Trump camp,” he wrote.

  Democrats immediately jumped on this as proof that the dossier is not phony and they thought they finally found the smoking gun they have been looking for for over one year. However, Glenn Simpson is now walking back that claim. Fusion GPS is now saying this was a “misrepresentation” of the facts.

“A source close to Fusion GPS tells me there was no walk-in source––that was a mischaracterization by Simpsonof the Australian diplomat tip about Papadopoulis [sic],” tweeted NBC reporter Ken Dilanian.Whether the source the FBI supposedly told Mr. Steele about could be Mr. Papadopoulos is doubtful. He has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about issues surrounding his contacts with the professor. The criminal complain says the FBI did not interview him until January 2017, three months after Mr. Steele met with the agents in Rome.The story corrections correction caught the eye of Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley, Iowa Republican, who on Thursday sent off a letter to Fusion attorney Joshua Levy. Mr. Grassley demanded to know why Mr. Levy did not correct the record after spending hours reviewing the transcript in October and November or contact the committee last Tuesday.” If it is true that your client’s statement to the Committee was a mischaracterization, why did you not attempt to correct your client’s statement as soon as you and/or he realized it was not accurate?” the senator wrote. Mr. Levy did not return a message seeking comment.

  Charles Grassley asks a great question; why wasn’t this correction made once the error was known? The correction was only made once the transcript of the testimony was made public by Dianne Feinstein, leading one to believe the correction would not have been made if they were not caught in a lie, er I mean, “mischaracterization.”

  Ironically Dianne Feinstein might have done the President a favor when she leaked the testimony…

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Sunday, January 14th open thread: ‘Don’t Run Wild’

January 14, 2018

 open-threadHere is the open thread for Sunday, January 14th. Please feel free to post links to interesting articles and to discuss whatever issues arise during the course of the day. Nothing is off-topic here.

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  The Del Fuegos were a local Boston band who achieved a little bit of success in the 1980’s. I was not able to find any live videos of them back in the day so here they are performing “Don’t Run Wild” live at a much later–although undetermined–date.

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Court orders the FBI to turn over James Comey’s memos for review

January 12, 2018

  As you all know, James Comey leaked memos of conversations he had with Donald Trump to a friend at Columbia University and asked him to leak the documents to the New York Times with the admitted purpose of forcing the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the allegations of Russian collusion during the 2016 election.

  Last night a judge ordered the FBI to turn over the documents to the court for review. Here is what Judicial Watch had to say about this news:

The court, in seeking to review the documents, shows it doesn’t trust the FBI or Justice Department’s representations about the infamous Comey memos. We hope now that Americans are one step closer to knowing the facts about these memos, which were written and leaked for pernicious purposes to target a sitting president with a criminal investigation. It’s high time they begin to see the light of day. We’re glad the court followed up on our specific suggestion that it review the documents directly.

  It has been reported that at least 4 of James Comey’s memos contained classified information and Judicial Watch has claimed all of his memos were classified. If the court decides this is true James Comey could be in some trouble here because the friend he leaked the memos to did  not have the proper security clearance.

  These memos were ordered to be handed over by next week to the  U.S. District Court District of Columbia and we know that is one of the most liberal courts in the nation. Is this a legitimate request seeking the truth or will the 9th Circuit use this as cover for James Comey by saying move along, nothing to see here?

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