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Donald Trump orders regulatory freeze on all government agencies until further notice

January 21, 2017

  One of Donald Trump’s first actions as President, if not the first action, was to sign an Executive Order which he claims will lessen the burdens of Obamacare. To me this was nothing more than a symbolic gesture much like Barack Obama’s Executive Order which was supposed to close GITMO.

  Shortly thereafter Donald Trump issued what amounts to a cease and desist order on all government agencies preventing them from issuing any more regulations for the time being. Here is more:

President Trump took a series of executive actions minutes after the inaugural parade concluded Friday evening, one of which was to place a regulatory freeze on all federal agencies until his administration provides further notice.

“The Trump administration will send a letter to all executive agencies tonight to immediately abide by a regulatory freeze,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters around 7:15 p.m. ET.

  This was a central issue of Donald Trump’s campaign and it looks as if he is making good on it:

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Donald Trump signs Executive Order to ‘ease the burdens’ of Obamacare

January 21, 2017

  One of Donald Trump’s first acts as President was to sign an Executive Order (here we go again with the Executive Orders) directing agencies to “ease the burdens” of Obamacare related costs by seeing what they could do to cut back on burdensome regulations. Here is more:

Trump says in the order that he will be seeking “prompt repeal” of the Affordable Care Act. Pending full repeal, however, he will “take all actions consistent with law to minimize the unwarranted economic and regulatory burdens of the Act.” He also says the executive order will give individual states “more flexibility and control to create a more free and open healthcare market.”

The executive order continues:

To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (Secretary) and the heads of all other executive departments and agencies (agencies) with authorities and responsibilities under the Act shall exercise all authority and discretion available to them to waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay the implementation of any provision or requirement of the Act that would impose a fiscal burden on any State or a cost, fee, tax, penalty, or regulatory burden on individuals, families, healthcare providers, health insurers, patients, recipients of healthcare services, purchasers of health insurance, or makers of medical devices, products, or medications.

  Here is part of what Politico had to say:

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Video: Hillary Clinton catches Bill Clinton staring at Ivanka Trump

January 20, 2017

  This could be fake news but this video claims that Hillary Clinton caught Bill Clinton staring at Ivanka Trump, he certainly appears to mouth “Ivanka” in the video. Notice how he peeps at Hillary and then turns his gaze back to the object of his apparent affection.

  In a way it reminds me of when Bill Clinton was laughing it up at Ron Brown’s funeral until he realized the cameras were on him, this is one of my all time favorite video clips:

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Barack Obama is fairly out and Donald Trump is fairly in

January 20, 2017

 The title of this post is a paraphrase of what George Washington reportedly said to John Adams after he was sworn in as the second President. He then said “see which one of us will be happier.” When he said that last part he was inferring that he would be happier out of power than John Adams would be in power, somehow I do not think that is going to be the case this time around.

  Of course the alt-left will say that Donald Trump is not fairly in and days before he even took office Maxine Waters called for his impeachment and I do not see this letting up any time soon. (Of course the alt-left is ignoring the fact that Hillary Clinton was not fairly in as the Democratic nominee in the first place.)

  I have hopes for both men: I did not vote for Donald Trump but I hope he succeeds and is a good President who delivers on many of his promises, it is unrealistic to believe he will accomplish it all–especially if he tries to make spending cuts. Republican talk a good game during the elections but they rarely deliver, if at all.

  I also hope that now that he is sworn in he will start acting more Presidential, especially with the Tweets. It is time for him to stop caring what Saturday Night Live does to him in their skits. He has much bigger issues to deal with and it astounds me he seems to care so much about this. It is time to stop being so thin-skinned.

  My hope for Barack Obama? I hope that he is a big enough person to follow the lead of George Bush and other former Presidents by slipping into the background. I do not think that is going to be the case however, and I think that is evidenced by his unwillingness to say anything before today which would calm the protests which seem to be growing more violent by the day. He had a chance to calm all the “illegitimate” claims but if anything he added fuel to the fire.

  Consider this an open thread…

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Reporters apologize for spreading New York Times fake news story about Rick Perry

January 19, 2017

  The New York Times ran a hit piece on Rick Perry yesterday claiming that he did not understand the role he would play as Donald Trump’s Energy Secretary. Of course several reporters got on Twitter to spread the news of Rick Perry’s ignorance but there was one small problem with the story–it was fake news.

  Those embarrassed so-called reporters were forced to admit their mistake and issue retractions. Here is more:

I’m about to delete this tweet, which spread the rumor about Perry not knowing what energy sec does,” New York Magazine writer Jesse Singal wrote on Twitter, referring to an earlier tweet sharing the story. “I think it’s false.”

“I officially retract my snarky Rick Perry tweet c/o the NYT,” writer Andrew Heaton wrote on Twitter. “I stand by my snarky Dancing with the Stars tweets.” Asked why he was retracting in a reply to his tweet, he added: “It appears the NYT had a pre-existing opinion and then slopped some dubious reporting on top to confirm.”

“Im retracting last 2 tweets,” Vanity Fair editor and Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald Tweeted. “Someone pointed out there are now questions if NYT allegations on Rick Perry are true.”

“Since I tweeted the NYTimes story, I’ll tweet this repudiation from their source,” Huffington Post reporter Natalie Jackson Tweeted. “Deleting my initial tweet.”

   As one of the reporters stated, the New York Times had a pre-existing opinion and ran with the story without really checking it out. Of course the same can be said for these so-called reporters but I have to give these reporters credit for realizing their mistake and at least making an effort to correct it, which is more than can be said for the New York Times.

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Barack Obama commuted the sentence of a FALN terrorist

January 18, 2017

 Yesterday Barack Obama commuted the sentences of over 200 people and while most of the headlines were over his decision to free Chelsea Manning it turns out the President also commuted the sentence of a FALN terrorist who at his sentencing told the world he was an enemy of the United States.

   Here is more:

Among the more than 200 commutations handed out yesterday, President Obama commuted the sentence of Oscar López Rivera, a member of Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional Puertorriqueña (FALN), a Marxist-Leninist terrorist group advocating Puerto Rican independence. He is set to be released May 17.

FALN was responsible for more than 130 bombings in the United States that killed four people and seriously injured police officers.

López Rivera was arrested in 1981 and got 55 years in prison, but later had his sentence extended another 15 years for trying to break out of Leavenworth. At the time he was sentenced, López Rivera told the court: “I am an enemy of the United States government.” (Other members of FALN went so far as to directly threaten judges and promise more acts of violence.) He wasn’t kidding. FALN, like other Marxist terrorist groups, had a typically frank and turgid manifesto that unreservedly endorsed violence in the name of destroying the “Yanki capitalist monopoly,” and the group quickly claimed credit for the bombings they committed via press release.

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Barack Obama commutes Chelsea Manning’s sentence

January 17, 2017

 I am sure you have all heard by now that Barack Obama has commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, who was tried and found guilty of leaking top secret United States documents to Julian Assange of Wikileaks and sentenced to 35 years in jail.

  I just need somebody to help me through this one aspect of this: Wikileaks has been accused of working with Russia in an attempt to leak damaging material on Hillary Clinton before the election even though Julian Assange has repeatedly stated Russia was not the source of the information and Russia has been condemned for this. But here we have a person who actually did leak information to Wikileaks (in all likelihood not the information used in the attempt to take down Hillary Clinton) and he had his sentence commuted.

  If what the Democrats are claiming is true about Russia coordinating with Wikileaks it means Chelsea Manning indirectly gave information to the Russians through Wikileaks.

  Does this make any sense? I am confused…

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