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The convoluted story of Imran Awan, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and the DNC

August 20, 2017

  Back in July an IT aide to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Imran Awan, was arrested on bank fraud charges as he tried to flee the country. It is interesting that this man was still on Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s payroll because he and his brothers were under investigation for even more serious charges of illegally accessing government computers and possibly selling the information to foreign governments. Russia anybody?

  All other Democrats, some reports state as many as 30, who were employing the brothers fired them but for some strange reason the former head of the Democratic National Committee did not…

  Here is more on how this convoluted story is progressing:

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Sunday, August 20th open thread: ‘No Shelter’

August 20, 2017

 open-thread Here is the open thread for Sunday, August 20th. Please feel free to post links to interesting articles and to discuss whatever issues arise during the course of the day. Nothing is off-topic here.

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  I have to admit this was a pretty depressing week blogging-wise after last week’s horrible events in Virginia, it almost makes one want to give up and just go home and ignore what is going on in this country.

  I have written in the past that the mainstream media is a product which is being sold to the American people under the guise of being news. The media, whether they want to admit it or not, is invested in the hate which we now see spewing into the streets of America and we saw that evidenced last week. Hate is good business and MSNBC’s ratings are all the evidence we need to understand what I have been saying is true.

  There is one band who caught on to this years ago and that band is Rage Against the Machine. As you can tell by the name of the band they are anti-government and anti-media and they summed it all up with their song entitled “No Shelter.”

“The main attraction, distraction
Got ya number than number than numb
Empty ya pockets son, they got you thinkin’ that
What ya need is what they selling
Make you think that buying is rebelling

From the theaters to malls on every shore
The thin line between entertainment and war
The frontline is everywhere, there be No Shelter here!

Spielberg, the nightmare works so push it far
Amistad was a whip, the truth was feathered and tarred
Memory erased, burned and scarred…
Trade in ya history for a VCR”

  “There be no shelter here (the frontline is everywhere)”

  I dedicate this song to the fascists (Antifa), the communists, the white nationals, the KKK, the mainstream media, BLM, and every single other group which is invested in tearing America apart through the Hegelian Dialectic creed of divide and conquer.

frui diem?

‘Free speech’ rally in Boston shut down after thousands show up in counter-protest

August 19, 2017

  Earlier today about 300 “free speech” activists held a rally in Boston, or at least they tried to, before ironically having their free speech silenced by thousands of leftist counter-protesters who bill themselves as anti-fascists.

  Admittedly I do not know much about this group that assembled today but it seems that unlike last week’s rally in Virginia which was attended by white nationalists and the KKK this rally was much more innocent.

  They billed themselves as “libertarians, conservatives, traditionalists, classical liberals, (Donald) Trump supporters or anyone else who enjoys their right to free speech” but that did not matter because over the course of the last week we have been told that being a supporter of Donald Trump means you are either a fascist or a white nationalist.

  The counter-protesters were heard chanting “no hate no fear” as they hurled bottles full of urine at the police, am I the only one who sees the irony of anti-fascists acting like fascists in an attempt to shut down the opposition from even offering an opinion contrary to their own?

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

Steve Bannon out as White House chief strategist

August 18, 2017

  It has been speculated more than once in the past that Steve Bannon was on the verge of being let go as Donald Trump’s chief strategist, most recently about five days ago when it was reported the President believed Steve Bannon was behind the leaks about National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster but nothing has ever come from these reports.

  Until now…it appears as if Steve Bannon has been let go according to this story.

Steve Bannon is out as White House chief strategist, according to a senior administration official, amid growing displeasure in the West Wing with his tactics and behavior.

His departure marks the latest high-level staff shake-up that has rocked Trump’s administration.

The official said Bannon had resigned on Aug. 7, but other officials noted that President Donald Trump had grown tired of his chief strategist’s approach and had been plotting ways to oust him.

Bannon, known as a populist firebrand who pushed Trump toward strongly nationalist views, often clashed with other White House aides and had had a rocky relationship with the president for months.

He particularly butted heads with the globalist wing of the White House, which includes Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner and National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn.

  There are conflicting reports with some saying he resigned a couple of weeks ago and with other saying Donald Trump was plotting ways to get rid of him but it does appear as if he is out.

  I do not particularly care for Steve Bannon however I care less for Jared Kushner and it is going to be interesting to see if the White House takes on a more globalist-friendly atmosphere with Mr. Bannon out of the way of Jared Kushner’s, Gary Cohn’s, and H.R. McMaster’s agenda. 

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

Democrat to draw up articles of impeachment over Donald Trump’s Charlottesville comments

August 17, 2017

  Donald Trump stirred up a hornet’s nest the other day when he gave a press conference in which he said there was violence coming from both sides during the Charlottesville riot. Now one Democrat is drawing up articles of impeachment because he claims the President “failed the presidential test of moral leadership” by not forcefully condemning Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan.

  Here is more:

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) announced Thursday he is taking the first step towards implementing impeachment articles against President Trump for his remarks on the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Cohen claims that Trump supported white supremacists in the deadly rally Saturday when the president condemned the violence “on both sides” following the attack.

“Instead of unequivocally condemning hateful actions by neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Klansmen following a national tragedy, the president said ‘there were very fine people on both sides.’ There are no good Nazis. There are no good Klansmen,” Cohen said in a statement.

Cohen added that he plans to start the impeachment process against Trump because he feels the president “failed the presidential test of moral leadership.”

  Now if you heard the press conference, which apparently this Democrat did not, you know this is a gross, and I would add purposeful, misinterpretation of what Donald Trump actually said.

  The President never said there were good Nazis or good Klansmen as Steve Cohen is claiming but rather he said there were good people there who were not Nazis and Klansmen who showed up at the rally simply to protest the removal of Confederate statues.

  If this is true, and I do not know if it is, we should be questioning the judgement of people who would show up at a rally in which Nazis and Klanmen were attending and not condemning the President on false pretenses. Even if it is not true at worse Donald Trump is guilty of speaking without knowing all the facts.

  We can question Donald Trump’s response, and personally I do not find anything wrong with it, but to claim he is a Nazi is just a little bit over the top to put it mildly. This might play well with the Democratic base but I have to wonder how this plays with mainstream Americans. The Democrats are trying everything in order to bring down Donald Trump but the misogyny angle did not work and the Russian collusion angle seems to be falling apart so now they are playing the “Nazi card” and I do not think this will work either.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

My personal feelings on removing and destroying the Confederate statues

August 16, 2017

civilwar You cannot go on Facebook nowadays and not see simplistic memes about the removal, and in some cases, the destruction of Confederate statues on both sides of the issue so, although I have tried to ignore this and against my better judgement, I feel it is time for me to write a little bit about this and how I feel about it. This is something that cannot be summed up in a meme in my opinion; history is not a bumper sticker slogan but rather a life lesson. 

  This is a touchy subject because you cannot take the contrary opinion without being branded a racist or a white supremacist nowadays but, as I alluded to above, this is part of the simplistic approach I have found on Facebook and I find the Civil War to be a subject of our history which is fascinating, almost more so than the Revolutionary War. To think this was the culmination of the Founding Fathers’ unwillingness to address that “peculiar institution” when writing the Constitution and instead kicking the can down the road by 20 years is mind-blowing. The Civil War was inevitable, it is amazing it was delayed for so long.

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Top FBI investigator steps down from Russia special counsel investigation

August 16, 2017

  It is being reported here that a top investigator, Peter Strzok, in Robert Mueller’s special counsel into the Russia hacking scandal has stepped down today. Here is more:

One of the FBI’s top investigators, tapped by special counsel Robert Mueller just weeks ago to help lead the probe of Russian meddling in last year’s presidential election, has left Mueller’s team, sources tell ABC News.

The recent departure of FBI veteran Peter Strzok is the first known hitch in a secretive probe that by all public accounts is charging full-steam ahead. 

It’s unclear why Strzok stepped away from Mueller’s team of nearly two dozen lawyers, investigators and administrative staff. Strzok, who has spent much of his law enforcement career working counterintelligence cases and has been unanimously praised by government officials who spoke with ABC News, is now working for the FBI’s human resources division.

  He is now working in the human resources department but no reason was given for this sudden change. It certainly sounds odd and it almost seems as if he is being punished for some reason but of course that is only speculation on my part. We do not know what happened and I have a feeling Robert Mueller wants to keep it that way.

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium