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Black Lives Matter accuse Senate Democrats of ‘soft bigotry’ for their lack of staff diversity

December 7, 2016

Chalk this story up in the deliciously ironic category.

  For eight years the Democrats have been accusing Republican leaders and their supporters of racism because they opposed Barack Obama’s policies. And the rhetoric has only gotten worse during the latest Presidential election cycle which culminated in Donald Trump’s win. Donald Trump and his supporters have been called racists, white supremacists, and Hillary Clinton went so far as to call them a “basket of deplorables.”

  After just three cabinet nominations Politico ran an article saying white men dominated his staff selections. (It is interesting to note that Donald Trump has been in the public eye his entire adult life and was not once called a racist until he ran against the anointed Democratic candidate.)

  Of course throughout this time the Democrats have portrayed themselves as being the party of diversity and equal opportunity so you can imagine my surprise to learn when it comes to the leadership in the Democratic party they do not always practice the diversity they speak of.

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Donald Trump picks Scott Pruitt to head the EPA

December 7, 2016

 It is being reported in this story that Donald Trump has selected Scott Pruitt to head the EPA. I have to admit that I do not know anything about this guy but here is what The New York Times had to say about this news:

President-elect Donald J. Trump has selected Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general and a close ally of the fossil fuel industry, to run the Environmental Protection Agency, a transition official said, signaling Mr. Trump’s determination to dismantle President Obama’s efforts to counter climate change.

Mr. Pruitt, a Republican, has been a key architect of the legal battle against Mr. Obama’s climate change policies, actions that fit with the president-elect’s comments during the campaign. Mr. Trump has criticized the established science of human-caused global warming as a hoax, vowed to “cancel” the Paris accord committing nearly every nation to taking action to fight climate change, and attacked Mr. Obama’s signature global warming policy, the Clean Power Plan, as a “war on coal.”

Mr. Pruitt, 48, who has emerged as a hero to conservative activists, is also one of a number of Republican attorneys general who have formed an alliance with some of the nation’s top energy producers to push back against the Obama regulatory agenda, a 2014 investigation by The New York Times revealed.

  A couple of days ago I was very concerned after hearing the news that Donald Trump met with Al Gore to discuss global warming with Al Gore coming out of that meeting feeling pretty good but now my concerns have been eased a bit. I still have some concerns over Ivanka Trump and her reported desire to become her father’s climate czar and wonder what type of relationship she has with the world’s leading climate pimp but I am feeling a little better about this situation today.

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Half of Detroit’s votes may be ineligible for the recount

December 6, 2016

 jill-steinJill Stein is claiming the reason for her requesting recounts of the vote in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania is to ensure that the results of the election are accurate. Of course she is only concerned with the results of the election in states which Donald Trump won and it would seem to me if she was being honest about her intentions she would be challenging the vote in states where there was a close vote with Hillary Clinton coming out on top. But what do I know…

  Jill Stein obviously has an agenda which is not what it seems to be but her effort seems to be having an adverse effect from what she intended: First we learned that Donald Trump was actually gaining votes in the Wisconsin recount and now we are learning that half of Detroit’s vote may be ineligible for recount due to discrepancies because the number of ballots cast in the election do not match the voter rolls. 

  Here is more:

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Donald Trump adds to his lead during Wisconsin recount

December 6, 2016

 With the exception of the poor suckers who are donating money to the effort I think even people on the left understand that the Jill Stein led recount is nothing but a scam seeking to separate people from their money, and possibly to try to delegitimize Donald Trump’s victory.

  And now it is being reported that in the early results of the Wisconsin recount Donald Trump has actually picked up more votes on Hillary Clinton, here is more:

Trump had widened his victory margin over Clinton in Wisconsin by 146 votes, with 23 of the state’s 72 counties having finished their recounts as of Tuesday. In those counties, Trump gained 105 votes and Clinton dropped 41 votes.

Trump defeated Clinton in Wisconsin by about 22,000 votes.

  Jill Stein claims she is asking for these recounts to ensure the accuracy of the election and if this is true maybe she is on to something, it is clear in the early going that the left might have been involved in a little voter fraud activity so maybe it is time for Jill Stein to request recounts in the few states Hillary Clinton won…

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Allen West meets with Donald Trump

December 5, 2016

 We no not have any details at this time but it is being reported that Allen West met with Donald Trump and his foreign policy team earlier today.

  Here is (not much) more:

Colonel Allen West met with President-elect Donald Trump’s foreign policy team on Monday, including Vice President-elect Mike Pence, Mike Flynn and KT McFarland.

He may not be joining the upcoming administration, though.

After the meeting, West told reporters that he discussed national security issues with the president-elect, but said he was not offered a position.

“I mean they know my reputation very well,” he said. “I’m just a simple soldier and I’m the third of four generations that served this country going back to my father in World War II, and we still have a relative of ours that is continuing to serve in the Army now.”

  It was reported over the weekend that Donald Trump was expanding his Secretary of State list and it sounds like  thankfully Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani are no longer in the running so is it possible that Allen West is now being considered for the position?

  This is pure speculation on my part, we will have to wait and see if anything comes from this meeting.

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Donald Trump meets with Al Gore about global warming

December 5, 2016

  Despite an earlier claim by Donald Trump spokesman Jason Miller that the President-elect would not be meeting with Al Gore to discuss global warming it is being reported that the two did in fact meet to discuss “common ground” in regards to global warming.

  Here is more:

Former Vice President Al Gore visited with President-elect Donald Trump in New York City.

The discussion followed an earlier announcement that Gore would meet only with Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who has signaled interest in discussing climate change.

Gore described his visit with the Trumps as “lengthy and very productive.”

“It was a sincere search for areas of common ground,” he told reporters after leaving Trump Tower. “I found it an extremely interesting conversation, and to be continued, and I’m just going to leave it at that.”

  Common ground? Al Gore is the leading climate pimp in the nation, if not the world, while Donald Trump is supposedly a climate realist so what possible “common ground” could these two people have? Unless one of them is not being entirely truthful about his position on global warming…

  Perhaps Donald Trump is trying to win support for a little nepotism in his regime but this is troubling because nobody really knows where Ivanka Trump stands on this issue. However it has been reported that she wants to make global warming one of her issues and she recently met with Leonardo DiCaprio. I do not like the way any of this sounds.

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Sunday, December 4th open thread: ‘Children of the Sea’

December 4, 2016

  open-threadHere is the open thread for Sunday, December 4th. Please feel free to post links to interesting articles and to discuss whatever issues arise during the course of the day. Nothing is off-topic here.

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  Here is Ronnie James Dio performing “Children of the Sea” live from 1983.

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