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Unsealed FISA court ruling shows 85% of Barack Obama’s FISA searches were illegal

January 22, 2018

  According to this story, last April FISA released a court ruling which went unreported by the mainstream media (shocking!) which showed vast abuses by Barack Obama of the FISA system.

On April 26, 2017, an unsealed FISA Court Ruling unveiled a number of criminal activities that Barack Obama’s FBI and DOJ participated in during his time in office.  The report to date received little attention.  Now interest is brewing due to the recent actions of Congress and the report that is expected to be released in the upcoming weeks.

The FISA Court Ruling shows widespread abuse of the FISA mandate. According to the report, Obama’s FBI and DOJ performed searches on Americans that were against their 4th Amendment rights.  This went on for years.  One paragraph in the report states that 85% of the Section 704 and 705(b) FISA searches made during this time were non-compliant with applicable laws and therefore criminal.

In addition, the report cites that at the same time that Obama’s DOJ and FBI were illegally searching Americans against their rights and unbeknownst to them, Obama’s FBI was providing this information to outside contractors who had no business or legal cause or claim the information.

There is really nothing more to add to this, it speaks on its own. #ReleaseTheMemo.

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Newly released texts show Loretta Lynch knew no charges were coming against Hillary Clinton, meanwhile the FBI loses 5 months of texts

January 22, 2018

  While the mainstream media has been focused on the government shutdown and assigning blame the FBI released another 384 pages of texts between former Mueller Russian investigation teammates Peter Strzok and Lisa Page which seem to indicate they both knew Hillary Clinton was not going to be charged in advance. They also seem to show Loretta Lynch also was aware in advance.

  Here is more:

The Justice Department has given various congressional committees nearly 400 pages of additional text messages between two FBI officials who were removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.

One of the newly discovered messages, lawmakers said, appeared to indicate that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page knew that charges would not be filed against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as a result of the investigation into her email server — before Clinton was interviewed by the bureau.

This is the exchange in question:

“Timing looks like hell,” Strzok texted Page.

“Yeah, that is awful timing,” Page agreed. In a later message, she added: “It’s a real profile in couragw [sic], since she knows no charges will be brought.”

  The “she” in question is none other than Loretta Lynch and it was written about her announcement that she would accept whatever the FBI’s conclusion was. The whole investigation was a fraud, we all knew that of course but this is more proof.

  But it gets even worse because the FBI admitted it did not preserve the texts between these two for a five month period between Dec. 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017. The timing of these missing texts is quite convenient when you consider what happened during this period:

You had the Flynn conversation with the senior transition officials as been reported in the press so their conversations about that–missing.”

“Buzzfeed publishes the Steele dossier January 11th 2017–text messages between the two are missing,” Sekulow said.

“Peter Strzok interviews Michael Flynn on January 24th 2017, the text messages between them are missing.”

“Comey is fired by the president of the United States May 9th 2017, their text messages are missing,” Sekulow continued.

“Robert Mueller Special Counsel appointed May 17 2017-text messages missing based on a glitch.”

  The Russian dossier (the insurance policy Peter Strzok and Lisa Page talked about?) was released and Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel. The day after Robert Mueller was appointed the record of these texts resumes. That doesn’t look to suspicious does it?

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Sunday, January 21st open thread: ‘Breed’

January 21, 2018

  open-threadHere is the open thread for Sunday, January 21st. Please feel free to post links to interesting articles and to discuss whatever issues arise during the course of the day. Nothing is off-topic here.

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  After two weeks of more mellow choices with the musical selection I have decided to ramp it up a notch or three this week. Here is Nirvana performing “Breed” live from 1991.

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Fusion GPS is still investigating Donald Trump, is Robert Mueller paying for it?

January 20, 2018

  Last week it was reported that Fusion GPS is still investigating Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Russia but nobody knows who is currently paying for the investigation. I meant to get to this story last week but I never got to it, but here is a little bit about it:

The controversial research firm Fusion GPS is still investigating alleged ties between President Trump’s 2016 election campaign and Russia, according to several sources who spoke to this reporter.

What’s not known is who is paying for the continuing research? Fusion GPS officials could not be reached immediately for comment.

  Earlier today a New York Post reporter, Paul Sperry, hinted that Robert Mueller may be paying Fusion GPS:

  He does not back up this claim with any evidence, it looks more like speculation on his part to me. It almost looks like what the Democrats and the left-leaning mainstream media have been doing over the last year, throwing out speculation as truth and then using it to attack the President.

  But still I find it interesting that the Democrats do not want the Republicans to find out who is paying for the continued “research” and I would not put it past the FBI at this point after what we have already learned. I am going to adopt a wait and see attitude on this story until we learn more.

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NBC accuses Republicans of working with Russia to release House Intelligence memo

January 19, 2018

  In the last couple of days we have learned of a House Intelligence Committee memo written by chairman Devin Nunes which allegedly shows abuse of the FISA court by Barack Obama, the FBI, and the Department of Justice during the 2016 election.

  While conservative websites and blogs have been all over this story the mainstream media has been silent. However with momentum seemingly growing to release this memo it would seem the mainstream media will not be able to ignore it forever so the spin is already beginning as they look to get ahead of this story.

  Here is more:

This is how a media smear works. House Republicans view a secret memo on the Obama administration’s spying on the Trump campaign, express outrage at what they learned and demand the memo be released to the American people so they can see what their government was doing.

A left wing site, Hamilton68, that tracks alleged, but unnamed, “Russia-linked influence networks on Twitter” announces those alleged networks are promoting the Release the Memo hashtag.

Then NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian trumpets the unsubstantiated findings of the left wing group with a false statement accusing House Republicans of working with Russian propagandists, “Russian propagandists and House Republicans have joined together to embrace #releasethememo.

  A left wing website releases an unsubstantiated claim and then NBC runs with it as truth (sounds eerily like the way the Russian dossier story went down) in an effort to discredit the memo before anyone learns (including NBC) what is in it.

  It is pretty clear what NBC’s intent is here, but it is ironic that while the so-called news outlet will bash conservative sites for running with this story it was CNN which ran with an substantiated  report on the Russian dossier by left-leaning BuzzFeed and NBC is doing it again with this story. 

  The mainstream media is being exposed and hopefully soon so will Barack Obama, the FBI, and the Department of Injustice.

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Two Republican Representatives call for making intelligence memo on the Russia investigation public

January 18, 2018

  Earlier today the House Intelligence Committee voted to make a memo related to FISA abuses available to the entire House of Representatives and then Ron DeSantis called to make this available to the public as well.

  Here is more:

DeSantis said the classified report compiled by the House Intelligence Committee is “deeply troubling” and raises serious questions as it relates to the ‘Russian collusion’ investigation.

Rep. DeSantis then called for the highly top secret report to be made public because “the American people deserve to know the truth”.

DeSantis tweeted, “The classified report compiled by House Intelligence is deeply troubling and raises serious questions about the upper echelon of the Obama DOJ and Comey FBI as it relates to the so-called collusion investigation.”

DeSantis then said, “While the report is classified as Top Secret, I believe the select committee should, pursuant to House rules, vote to make the report publicly available as soon as possible. This is a matter of national significance and the American people deserve the truth.”

  He was not alone in calling for the memo to be made public; Matt Gaetz said the contents of this memo “go to the very foundations of our democracy” and called for its release to the public.

“The allegations contained in this important intelligence document go to the very foundations of our democracy, and they require an immediate release to the public in my opinion,” Gaetz said. “Unfortunately, I can not talk about the specific facts contained within this memo. I can only share my observation — that if the American people knew what was happening if they saw the contents of this memo, a lot would become clear about the information that I’ve been talking about the last several months. And so, I am calling on our leadership to hold a vote on the floor of the House to make public the key contents of this intelligence memo regarding the FBI, the Department of Justice and President Trump.”

  What these men should have done was release this memo to the public on their own just as Dianne Feinstein did with Glenn Simpson’s testimony. Surely Democrats who have been praising Dianne Feinstein for her courage in releasing the testimony would not suddenly change their position if either man did the same, right…

  But on a serious and non sarcastic note, I have said for awhile Democrats may rue the day they pushed the false Trump/Russia collusion scandal and just maybe now the dominoes will begin to fall. Dianne Feinstein’s decision backfired on the Democrats when we began to see what is in the testimony and now, hopefully, the floodgates will open.

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Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson’s testimony calls into question the motive behind the Russian dossier

January 17, 2018

  Some interesting information is starting to come out from the transcript of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson’s testimony which was leaked by Dianne Feinstein last week. First we learned that Glenn Simpson testified that they had a source close to Donald Trump who corroborated some of the information in the Russian dossier, but once the testimony was leaked Fusion GPS walked back the claim, saying Glenn Simpson “misrepresented” the facts. In other words, there was no source close to Donald Trump.

  Now we are learning from this story that Glenn Simpson basically admitted that he might have let his bias cloud his thinking. Here is more:

In testimony released publicly last week, Glenn R. Simpson, the co-founder of the controversial opposition research firm Fusion GPS conceded that he opposed Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy and that his negative opinions of the politician may have “entered” into his “thinking.”

Here is part of the testimony in question:

I think it’s safe to say that, you know, at some point probably early in 2016 I had reached a conclusion about Donald Trump as a businessman and his character and I was opposed to Donald Trump.  I’m not going to pretend that that wouldn’t have entered into my thinking.

You know, again, I was a journalist my whole life.  So we were, you know, trained not to take sides and practiced in not taking sides.  So most of what I do as a research person is we try to avoid getting into situations where one’s etiology or political views would cloud your work because it’s a known hazard, but, you know, I reached an opinion about Donald Trump and his suitability to be president of the United States and I was concerned about whether he was the best person for the job.

  So this sounds like he is saying as a journalist he was trained not to take sides and he admits while doing research he tries not to let a person’s political views cloud his work but in this case he might not have lived up to that expectation.

  That statement in and of itself is not damning, however when his bias is combined with the portion of his testimony which led to this statement in the first place it is quite damning indeed:

 “Another thing we say about our work is it’s custom information, it’s a customized product.  You tell us what your problem is and we customize a research solution.”

  If you pay Fusion GPS to help you with a problem the firm will provide you with a solution, and as the Russian dossier has shown us it does not necessarily have to be true. Fusion GPS will give you what you want for a price. If you can get the “solution” you want for a price it certainly seems as if Fusion GPS is just a gun for hire.

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