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CNN report: prisoner exchanged for Bowe Bergdahl has returned to ‘militant activity’ against the United States

January 29, 2015

  Bowe BergdahlA few days ago it was reported that the Army was going to seek desertion charges against Bowe Bergdahl, but then we read reports that Barack Obama was pressuring the Army not to press desertion charges against him. Shortly after this report came out the Army denied that any decision has been made at this point. This led to speculation that Barack Obama had the goods on the people who released the initial statement that charges were forthcoming.

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The Revolting Truth with Andrew Klavan: ‘Attack of the But Heads!’

January 29, 2015

 How many times have we heard some people on the left say such things as this: I believe in free speech, but; or I believe in the first amendment, but; or I believe in free expression, but?

  In his latest The Revolting Truth video entitled “Attack of the But Heads!” Andrew Klavan takes on what he calls the But Heads, in other words those who claim to be for the free expression of ideals  but who are actually “devouring your rights one exception at a time” through political correctness. (Andrew Klavan did not use the term “political correctness” that is America’s Watchtower’s editorial note.)


The Communist Party USA vows to work with Democratic Party

January 29, 2015

  John Bachtell is the national chair of the Communist Party USA and he has written a “manifesto” in which he admits the need for a “radical third party.”

  Here is how he begins:

“We need a labor-led third party in this country” is a refrain I hear more and more. It’s a sentiment I agree with wholeheartedly!

In fact, a labor-led third party and mass participation in the electoral arena are prerequisites for winning advanced economic and social democracy, and even winning a green, democratic, demilitarized socialism. The challenge is: How to move from present political realities to the actual establishment of a radical third party.

  He then goes on to claim that both the Republican and the Democratic parties are controlled by Wall Street. (This is a stunning admission from a leftist because while the left complains about the Republicans’ ties to Wall Street they usually ignore the Democrats’ ties to Wall Street.)

  But of course the ties to Wall Street between the two parties differ and it should not be surprising that he finds the Republicans’ ties are evil while the Democrats’ ties are not as evil: Read more…

The DEA claims it abandoned a proposal to track all vehicles near gun shows

January 28, 2015

 According to this story the DEA was considering a proposal to use surveillance cameras to track all vehicles which were operating near gun shows but the proposal has been dropped.

  Here is more:

The Drug Enforcement Administration abandoned an internal proposal to use surveillance cameras for photographing vehicle license plates near gun shows in the United States to investigate gun-trafficking, the agency’s chief said Wednesday.

DEA Administrator Michelle Leonhart said in a statement that the proposal memorialized in an employee’s email was only a suggestion, never authorized by her agency and never put into action. The AP also learned that the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives did not authorize or approve the license plate surveillance plan.

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The Huffington Post blames snowstorm Juno on…global warming

January 27, 2015

Global_Warming First, when the hell did we start naming Winter snowstorms? Anyway, here are America’s Watchtower we were hit with a major snowstorm last night and it continues at this moment. Here at the compound we were hit with about two feet of snow and it is still slowly accumulating and will do so through the night.

  Not surprisingly New York Governor Andrew Cuomo decided to politicize the storm by blaming it on global warming and The Huffington Post ran with it.

  Here is more:

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The State Department is still blocking Benghazi witnesses from testifying

January 27, 2015

 The Benghazi Select Committee opened up its investigation today into the deadly terrorist attack which left Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith dead and once again the State Department is stonewalling by not allowing key witnesses who were on the ground during the attack to testify.

  The State Department is claiming it is doing this to protect the lives of the witness as well as the lives of their families. I do  not doubt for a minute that the State Department is trying to save lives–or should I say a life–but the life they are trying to protect is the political life of the woman who would like to be the next President of the United States–Hillary Clinton.

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America’s Watchtower may go dark as a State of Emergency has been declared in New Hampshire

January 26, 2015

 A major nor’easter is headed to New Hampshire and a State of Emergency has been declared in the state. Unlike Massachusetts, where a travel ban has been implemented, New Hampshire residents are being urged to stay off the roadways.

  With the high winds which are forecast in the area of the America’s Watchtower compound I fully expect to lose power for a few days. If this happens America’s Watchtower will go dark during that period. We are prepared and we will be okay but blogging will most likely not be possible for an extended period of time. If truth be told I could probably use the time off, however I would rather it not be for this reason.

  My biggest concern at this time is that we will not have our power back in time to watch the Patriots in the Superbowl on Sunday. I am still holding on to the possibility that once the generator is fired up we will have cable and internet access for it has happened in the past and so it is still a possibility.

  I will be keeping up with the news and the comments on America’s Watchtower on my phone but it will be hard to put my two cents in until I have full internet access.


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