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Obamacare: Excluding Federal exchanges from granting subsidies was NOT a mistake

July 25, 2014

  Since the Halbig case last week ruled that the Obamacare law does not allow states with Federally run exchanges to grant subsidies the Democrats have been running around saying this provision was a mistake and Federal exchanges were also supposed to be giving out subsidies. It was a simple wording error so we are told and of course because nobody read the bill before it was passed I thought that was likely the case–still, the law must be changed if Federal exchanges are to be allowed to hand out subsidies. (Providing of course that this ruling holds up and is not overturned in time.)

  But here is a video I found over at The Right Scoop and it shows a man considered to be one of the Obamacare architects, Jonathan Gruber, giving a talk in 2012 where he admits the law only allows states to grant subsidies. And it was done for a reason…

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Thesaurus lists ‘right-winger,’ ‘traditionalist,’ and ‘redneck’ as synonyms for ‘obstructionist’

July 24, 2014

 I am not going to spend much time on this but here is something I found today as I was browsing the internet that I found a little interesting: According to this story the website has listed as synonyms to the term ‘obstructionist’ the terms ‘right-winger,’ ‘traditionalist,’ ‘rightist,’ ‘unprogressive,’ and ‘redneck.’

  While at the same time the website lists ‘left-wing,’ ‘progressive,’ and ‘liberal’ as being antonyms to the term ‘obstructionist.’ I went to the website and have verified it is true.

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Afterburner with Bill Whittle: The Case for Israel

July 24, 2014

  Here is the latest Afterburner video by Bill Whittle entitled ‘The Case for Israel.’ The title sums it up but make sure you watch this one all the way to the end.


GAO sting finds that most fake Obamacare applications are being accepted

July 23, 2014

 The Government Accountability Office conducted a sting operation to test the eligibility verification system of the Obamacare website and the results were not good: 11 of 18 fake applications were approved despite falsified documents.

  Here is more:

An undercover operation found that the majority of fake Obamacare applications submitted were approved by the health law’s enrollment system.

Fake applicants were able to get subsidized insurance coverage in 11 of 18 attempts, according to a report from the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office. The agency conducted the sting operation to test the strength of the Affordable Care Act’s eligibility-verification system.

  Supporters of the law will claim this proves nothing because the sample is so small but when you look at the lengths the GAO went to in order to create false identities it still calls into question the whole verification portion of the website.

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Lois Lerner’s hard drive was only scratched and the data was recoverable before it was destroyed

July 23, 2014

  The story surrounding the circumstances of the destruction of Lois Lerner’s hard drive always seems to be changing. First we were told by the IRS that her hard drive crashed and despite the agency’s best efforts the data could not be recovered so the hard drive was recycled.

  Now, according to this story, court documents show that Lois Lerner’s hard drive was only scratched and the data was recoverable but the IRS did not even try.

  Here is more:

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Did Dianne Feinstein blast Barack Obama’s lack of leadership on foreign affairs?

July 22, 2014

  Besides a few passing words in his first statement in the aftermath of the downing of MH17 Barack Obama could not be bothered to leave the fundraising tour he has been on. (Eerily reminiscent of Benghazi.) The world was waiting for leadership and instead got “it is great to be back in Maryland.”

  Despite the White House’s claim that the Barack Obama’s policies have increased “the tranquility of the global community” the Middle East in on fire and Vladamir Putin has upped the ante in Russia’s war against Ukraine. The irony was apparently not lost on Dianne Feinstein who had some interesting comments according to this article.

  Here is some of what she had to say:

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Federal court rules the Federal subsidies in Obamacare are illegal

July 22, 2014

  The big news of the day is the court ruling which stated that subsidies issued by Federal exchanges are illegal so I guess I have to write something about it. The news was splashed all over Facebook and Drudge today, as well as every news outlet. People are calling this decision a crippling or a potentially fatal blow to the entirety of the law, but I am sorry, I just cannot get excited about this news for nothing is going to change.

  Shortly thereafter a second court ruled that the Federal subsidies could stand. While both of these decisions are appealed the subsidies will continue and the law will become more deeply embedded making it harder, if not impossible, to repeal. I hate to break this news to you but the chance to repeal this law–if there ever really was a chance–was lost when Barack Obama won reelection.

  And lest we forget the appeal on the first decision will be headed to the very same DC Court of Appeals which Barack Obama has been packing since Harry Reid changed the filibuster rules so how do you think that is going to turn out?

  At issue is the wording of the legislation: it allows state run exchanges to offer subsidies but it does not let Federal run exchanges to provide subsidies. This was an error which was missed in the rush to pass Obamacare. All this really tells us is that maybe our elected officials should have read the bill before they passed it. If they had perhaps this would not be an issue in the first place.


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